GUELPH, ON—OCTOBER 19, 2020—LifeLearn Animal Health announced that veterinarian and corporate veterinary industry consultant Dr. Anne Dagner has joined LifeLearn Industry Solutions as Account Manager.
“We’re very pleased and excited to have Anne as part of the LifeLearn team,” says Heather M. Fox, Executive Vice President of Sales, who oversees all of LifeLearn’s sales, including Practice Solutions, Industry Solutions, and Group Practice sales.

“Dr. Dagner’s passion about scientific and medical communication, combined with her outstanding credentials and proven record helping animal industry partners tell their stories, perfectly aligns with Industry Solutions’ commitment to support animal health organizations with creative communication tools and education programs, and deliver them with unmatched coordination, professionalism, and logistical expertise.”

With her unique perspective on the animal health industry, developed both inside and outside of the exam room, Dr. Dagner brings a practical approach to LifeLearn Industry Solutions with respect to the concerns of veterinarians, and keenly understands the needs of animal health companies. And she is thrilled to join a company that she has long known by reputation and experience. Says Dr. Dagner, “I’m excited to be a part of the LifeLearn team because of the high-quality content I’ve always seen from them as an industry partner. The depth and breadth of expertise in biomedical communications is second to none.”
Dr. Dagner adds, “In my experience as an advisory board member when I was a general practitioner, LifeLearn made everything about the program organized and easy, from travel to presentation materials to follow-up.” In her new role as Account Manager for LifeLearn Industry Solutions, Dr. Dagner looks forward to furthering LifeLearn’s work and reputation as an industry leader in helping animal health organizations market to their valued veterinary and pet-owner clients with custom digital education and communication products and services.
Dr. Anne Dagner was a companion animal veterinarian in North Carolina and Virginia after receiving her DVM from the University of Georgia. She spent seven years as a Professional Services Veterinarian with Novartis Animal Health before starting her own mobile veterinary business. While helping families focus on wellness for their pets, she also acted as a technical marketing consultant for several animal health industry start-ups. Dr. Dagner’s interests include pet wellness, veterinary oncology, and professional communication. She lives in central Virginia with her equine veterinarian husband, their two teenagers, and Gryffindor the Labrador Retriever.

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