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Expand with Local Service Ads (LSA) for Veterinarians

Connect immediately with local pet owners searching for veterinary care with Google’s Local Services Ads

To grow certain areas of your veterinary practice, Local Services Ads (LSAs) are Google’s latest marketing product, and in a competitive veterinary market, they will change how veterinary practices reach more pet owners.

LifeLearn is one of the first online solution providers for veterinary practices to offer access to LSAs by Google—a new way to position your practice at the top of Google searches.

Engage New Clients with Local Service Ads for Vets

LSAs are the most innovative business growth solution that Google has released in a decade. You get highly targeted inquiries, making it easier to book new clients who need your services now. Instead of clicks or form fills, pet owners can immediately contact your veterinary practice.

Earn Trust with a Google
Screened Badge

To run LSAs, your practice is required to go through Google’s vetting process. The result is a coveted Google Screened badge—a clear indicator to pet owners that your practice is trustworthy.

LifeLearn works with Google’s reps on your behalf for an improved experience for both your veterinary practice and pet owners.

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Top Google Rankings with Local Service Ads for Veterinarians

Google places LSAs at the top of search results, allowing your veterinary practice to stand out from competing local practices.

LifeLearn helps optimize your ads to ensure you get the most out of this placement.

Benefits of LSAs for Veterinarians

Connect with Local Pet Owners via Google Local Service Ads

Leverage the strength of Google to attract local pet owners right when they’re searching for your veterinary services.

For practices offering specific services such as veterinary dental services, LSAs can be tailored so you receive inquiries relevant to your practice.

Maximize ROI with Veterinarian Local Service Ads

LSAs operate on a pay-per-lead basis. So, you can be assured that inquiries to your practice are from pet owners seeking your services.

If you do receive bad inquiries such as sales calls, spam calls, or those outside your local area, LifeLearn handles the refund process with Google and your practice is reimbursed for those inquiries.

Enhanced Marketing Strategies with Veterinarian Local Ads

LSAs work best when they’re part of a comprehensive veterinary marketing strategy. The experts at LifeLearn will review your short- and long-term goals, along with competing local practices and your ideal client base. We’ll then work with you to ensure all aspects of your marketing strategy are coordinated to deliver optimal results.

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