Works as an extension of your veterinary practice to provide live after-hours telephone triage support for your clients. PetNurse Request A consultation

Improve Patient Outcomes and Access to Care

+ Increase Practice Appointments

Working as an extension of your veterinary practice, PetNurse provides your clients with live after-hours telephone triage support to provide pet owners with safe, appropriate, and timely assessments of their pets’ health. Our team of live Veterinary Nurses use trusted Clinical Protocols to evaluate the severity of the situation, determine urgency, and specify clear next steps.

If a situation is urgent, nurses can refer pet owners to the emergency animal hospital associated with your practice or transfer them to your on-call emergency veterinarian.

For non-urgent triage outcomes, the pet owner can request an appointment over the phone and bring their pet in during normal practice hours. This helps eliminate unnecessary trips to the emergency hospital, which reduces costs, stress, and inconvenience for clients and their pets while at the same time increasing appointments and retention for your practice—without the cost of hiring additional staff or extending hours of operation.

Improve Work-life Balance

For On-call Staff

PetNurse reduces workload, overtime, and stress for on-call staff by handling all after-hours calls.

On-call staff will greatly benefit from:

  • Reduced call volumes (only urgent triage calls are transferred)
  • Shorter calls (urgent calls have already been triaged)
  • Consistent triage support (nurses use Clinical Protocols)

Return on Investment

In many cases, PetNurse triage outcomes do not require urgent treatment. This means, the pet owner can request an appointment over the phone and be directed back to your practice during regular business hours.

Case notes, triage outcomes, and any applicable appointment requests are emailed to your practice after every pet health call. Additionally, every month your practice receives a Call Report Summary allowing your practice to easily quantify the value of the service and ongoing ROI.

Click Here to read a real-world PetNurse Profitability Example.

Trusted Solution

All calls are handled by RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) Registered Veterinary Nurses. All nurses have a minimum of 3 years practical experience and many hold advanced qualifications. All nurses receive extensive and ongoing training on the use of Clinical Protocols, which are used to provide high-quality and consistent triage decisions. In over 15 years of operation, our PetNurse partner, VetsDirect, has successfully conducted over 1 million consultations.

Improve Client Satisfaction

24/7 peace of mind for your clients knowing that there’s always a Registered Veterinary Nurse they can speak with one to one over the phone.

Improve Efficiency

Save your staff time by not having to triage and manage after-hours calls. This allows greater flexibility regarding practice hours of operation.

Continuity of Care

PetNurse’s after-hours access to care puts your practice front and center as the trusted source for pet care no matter the time of day.

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“PetNurse allows us to manage our after-hours calls more effectively and provide support and peace of mind for our clients and their beloved pets. We have been extremely impressed by how knowledgeable and experienced the Registered Veterinary Nurses are and have found their triage outcomes and next-step recommendations to be very accurate and reliable. PetNurse has helped eliminate unnecessary after-hours trips to the ER for our clients, allowing our staff to treat these patients during our regular hours. Our clients have expressed much gratitude in having this service available!”

Stephanie CoatsDigital Office Coordinator, Harmony Veterinary Center

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Note: PetNurse does not treat, diagnose, or prescribe and does not establish Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR). PetNurse is not a substitute for a physical examination by the pet owner’s veterinarian.