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ClientEd is a unique pet health education library that strengthens the veterinary team’s role as animal health educators and encourages client compliance with easy-to-understand information for pet owners.

Find trusted pet health information faster at the point of need with ClientEd’s all-new features:

  • Improved user interface and modern design
  • Easier ability to edit, favorite, and identify new content
  • Better content abilities and more Educator Resources
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Expert Written

+ Customizable to Your Practice

Despite an abundance of pet health information on the Internet, veterinary teams don’t have time to research or develop their own reliable and factual client education resources.

ClientEd provides instant access to more than 2,100 pet health handouts that cover a wide range of topics and species, all written and reviewed by animal health and communication experts. Updates to existing handouts and new handouts are added to the library regularly. You and your team can also edit existing library handouts or create your own to customize the library to your practice.

ClientEd Library Updates

Supporting Client Education

ClientEd distinguishes itself from other pet health resources through its content, customization, and seamless integration into practice workflows.

Medication Handouts

The ClientEd library contains over 260 medication handouts, which help practices in states like New York and California comply with consultation requirements as mandated by law. As new medications come to market, new handouts are published to the library.


Edit existing handouts, write new ones, brand handouts with your practice logo, and add patient-specific doctor’s notes before sharing them with clients for a truly patient-focused education offering.

Widely Accessible

ClientEd is accessible to your entire veterinary team through its online portal. It also integrates into a number of popular practice management systems. This enables your practice to seamlessly add client education at multiple touchpoints in the client visit.

A Complete Client Education Solution

Supports Decision-Making & Compliance

Veterinary teams have options when it comes to client education resources.

ClientEd is the only one that is expertly written and professionally illustrated, focuses on a wide range of topics and species, is regularly updated, can be customized to your practice’s beliefs and recommendations, integrated into hospital websites and practice management software, branded to your hospital, and licensed for use by your entire veterinary team.

ClientEd is a complete client education solution that delivers quality for the pet owner and efficiency for the veterinary team.

I think it’s refreshing working with LifeLearn because they are strictly animal health focused. It’s really important to me that if we’re giving information to a client, that the information be exactly the same information that I would say to them. LifeLearn understands our industry, they understand my concerns, and that makes it a very easy relationship.

Dr. Scott BainbridgeOwner, Dundas West Animal Hospital

ClientEd makes it easy to zero in on the exact article I'm targeting, and I like the fact that customizing the handouts does not remove the originals. The articles are reader-friendly and easy to email or print for clients. I especially liked the What's New section - making it easy to keep up with changes, and the User Account section - where I can impose restrictions on editing if I want.  Having the option for a small number of accounts - even in a large practice - allows us to save money during these tough economic times. I would definitely recommend ClientEd to other practitioners!

Dr. Robin DowningFounder & Hospital Director at The Downing Center for Animal Pain Management, LLC

For us, the LifeLearn ClientEd handouts are a huge time saver! They are well written, easy for the practice to use, and clear for our clients to understand. We use the handouts either in response to telephone queries or post-consultation to help explain things to the client. The handouts are particularly useful for behavioral cases, which can be quite multifaceted and complex. Overall, we believe the handouts help improve our client service, build client relations, and ultimately bring clients back through our door!  I would certainly recommend the LifeLearn client handouts to other practices

Mollie ChambersPractice Manager, Anna House Veterinary Clinic

ClientEd handouts make it easy for us to help our clients understand what’s going on with their pets. There is SO much information we can give them and ClientEd makes it incredibly easy to do so. And because it’s integrated into our practice management system, we use it constantly. ClientEd makes it easier for us to do our job and make us better at our job.

Suzi LangerMarketing Coordinator & Veterinary Assistant, Niles Veterinary Clinic

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