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Maximizing Reach with Facebook Ads for Veterinarians

Facebook is the perfect platform for veterinary clinics to increase brand awareness, drive demand for services, and fill their appointment book!

From creating engaging copy and images to execution and tracking, we manage every aspect of your Facebook Ads to ensure your campaigns are engaging, profitable, and headache-free.

With 79% of Americans on Facebook, and 70% of Facebook users accessing the app daily, it’s safe to say that having a strong presence on this social network giant can have a tremendous impact on your practice’s success.

Comprehensive Services in Our Veterinarian Facebook Ad Campaigns

Tailored Facebook Ad Campaigns & Landing Pages for Vets

Our team uses engaging imagery, videos, and content to immediately capture the attention of users scrolling through Facebook. We design ads that speak to animal lovers and showcase that your practice cares!  We also create custom landing pages that align with your ad messaging to maximize conversion rates and fill your appointment book!


Targeted Facebook Audience Selection for Veterinary Practices

One of the biggest benefits of Facebook is the ability to filter your audience based on their passions and lifestyle. Our team will create specific audiences based on the pet patients you want to attract. Whether you prefer working with domestics, equine, exotics, or even a specific breed, we can help you filter to find the perfect audience!


Engaging Veterinary Content on Optimized Facebook Pages

To help you stay engaged with patients, it’s recommended that you post on Facebook five times a week. Your Facebook Ads package includes Advanced Social Media Management, which means we’ll regularly post compelling pet care content to your practice’s Facebook page.


Detailed Reporting & Call Tracking for Vet Facebook Ads

To optimize your return on investment, we continually monitor your ad campaigns while providing a monthly report that outlines key performance indicators. This gives you an up-to-date overview of all Facebook campaigns.

And to ensure ongoing traffic, we’ll continuously test new campaigns and make changes to your strategy to ensure it’s always bringing in new leads.


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