Industry Solutions

LifeLearn Industry Solutions help animal health organizations with custom digital education and communication products and services to help them market to their valued veterinary and pet-owner customers.

How We Work With You

You have unique products and services to bring to market. You have increased competition, and growing revenue targets to achieve.

LifeLearn’s team is proven to help you more effectively strategize, write, design, and communicate your value proposition – across your own organization and into the marketplace. Engage the LifeLearn team and you’ll also activate a whole new kind of competitive advantage.

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  • Built-In Project Management Project Management

    Built-In Project Management

    At the onset of any project, you’ll be connected to your dedicated LifeLearn project manager. Each LifeLearn project manager holds a Master of Science in Biomedical Communications (MScBMC), a unique accreditation in the visual communication of bio-science, medicine, and health.

    This proficiency empowers LifeLearn to use interactive technologies and methods to develop animations and simulations that illustrates sophisticated and complex science and health concepts more successfully to your specific target audiences.

  • Content Creation Content Creation

    Creating Content That Resonates

    Working with us, you tap into the diverse skill-sets of an experienced, creative and award-winning team of life sciences writers, editors, illustrators, animators, programmers, and medical content experts. LifeLearn’s in-house veterinary and medical expertise not only produces scientifically accurate content insights, but also measurable results.

  • Building Building On Your Strength

    Building On Your Innovation & Investments

    Our biomedical communicators work with your own experts to develop more powerful websites and digital applications. Through our own deep and broad knowledge of the animal health industry and our specialization in emerging technologies, we will work with your team to develop unparalleled solutions to your greatest marketing challenges and opportunities. Everything we do is designed to help your organization, and ultimately your clients, build on the strength of your innovation and investments.

  • Support Support

    Support When You Need It

    Our deep understanding of animal health, highly specialized team, and ability to grasp and simplify complex information can transform the way you do business.


Web Presence

Your web presence is your company’s first line of visibility. Our marketing solutions help distinguish your brand.

We develop:

  • Engaging custom websites
  • SEO strategies and solutions
  • Social media strategies and campaigns



Multimedia Storytelling

Multimedia storytelling turns enthusiastic in-person stories into exciting and inspiring materials. We deliver this by developing:

  • Scripts and storyboards
  • 2D and 3D animations
  • Whiteboard animations
  • Product marketing and training videos
  • Custom apps that train, teach and sell

Training & Development

It’s not easy to keep audiences engaged—especially when you’re trying to teach them something. We help our clients improve retention and inspire ongoing development through interactive learning experiences.

eLearning Solutions

Our solutions are developed by a team of programmers, graphic designers and Biomedical Communicators who consistently work at the leading edge of eLearning principles.

We develop:

  • Courses and webinars for a new product launch or a product refresh
  • Enterprise-wide continuing education programs and portals
  • Customer-facing learning programs

Engagement Learning

Engagement learning is designed to inspire your audience’s natural competitive spirit and curiosity, and act as a catalyst for learning.

We develop:

  • Dynamic programs that incorporate games and simulations
  • Solutions for online, in-clinic visits, presentations, events and trade shows/conferences

Trade Shows & Events

Make an Impact

Leverage our strong network of veterinary experts across the animal health industry to help support events through Key Opinion Leader (KOL) management, symposia development, and focus group facilitation.

Attract attention and drive traffic before and during your event with interactive displays, print and digital signage, and interactive games.


  • Over 20 years’ experience in the veterinary publications industry
  • Specialized, professional quality content
  • Content can be multi-purposed and used online, in journal publications, white papers, guides, books and email communications.