Who We Are

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is of a world where the animal health industry works harmoniously with pet owners to improve the lives of animals everywhere.

To this end, our mission is to help everyone associated with animal health and wellness become better informed, more efficient, and more effective.

To facilitate this, LifeLearn provides the animal health industry with affordable, customizable online software solutions to save time, increase efficiency, and manage all aspects of operations to support improved working partnerships with pet owners and better pet health.

Our mission is supported by our core values and is foundational to everything we do for our clients, partners, and communities, and the animal health industry worldwide.


Where We Came From

LifeLearn began as part of the Ontario Veterinary College’s continuing education department at the University of Guelph. In 1994, after the department had closed, our founders teamed up to keep the popular courses going, and to evolve them using cutting-edge technologies. Our early days were devoted to delivering continuing education programs for veterinarians across North America. Our initial goal was to help veterinarians keep up to date with medical and surgical knowledge and skills through distance learning (e-learning) technologies. Our first location was the historic MacNabb House. Although we’ve outgrown the building since then, Guelph remains our home.

Where We Are

As a hub for technology, innovation, and excellence in animal health, Guelph is the ideal setting and community for our company, our people, and our focus. Over time, we’ve expanded our offerings to encompass solutions for veterinary practices, as well as companies and non-profit organizations in the animal health industry. This has included delivering education resources for veterinary teams and pet owners; helping veterinary teams with online marketing, client communications, and business optimization tools; and providing leading technologies and best practices that enhance bottom-line results and improve pet healthcare outcomes.

Where We're Going

In the beginning, we were driven by the concept of helping veterinarians, practices, and animal health companies leverage research, education, and information technology to advance animal health and education worldwide. While our overarching compass remains the same, we now operate on a much richer and broader scale, offering solutions for veterinarians, practices, and animal health companies that provide:

  • Advanced data capabilities
  • Cross-functional application
  • Customer-focused solutions
  • Education for animal health professionals and pet owners
  • Time-savings and improved efficiency for practices

How We Work Together

Our Core Values serve as our guiding framework for leadership, discussion, and partnership. They act as a universal code of ethics for every person in our company and provide the criteria for selecting the companies, people and organizations with whom we partner. They inspire our teams, empower our innovation, and reflect our dedication to excellence.

LifeLearn Core Values

Our core values support our vision, shape our culture and reflect what we value—both our leadership and team members. They create the foundation for everything we do for our clients, our partners, our communities and the animal health industry worldwide.


We enthusiastically approach our vision and mission as a team to improve animal health. We don’t believe in just showing up, saying, “It’s not my job,” or spreading negative energy. We believe in:

  • Being innovative through continuous learning
  • Delivering creative solutions to solve challenges
  • Making decisions based on data
  • Having an open mind
  • Celebrating wins both internally and externally
Veterinarian doctor hugging a beautiful dog


Just like geese fly together and trust each other when migrating, we believe that collaboration and trust in each other as a team drives progress and results for ourselves and our clients. We are aware that working in silos or through ego/self-interest are detrimental to collaboration. Foundational to collaboration, we believe in:

  • Expressing opinions and a willingness to compromise
  • Identifying and engaging key stakeholders for input
  • Respectful, active listening and being present
  • Asking questions to create clarity, innovation, and alignment
  • Maintaining and exuding a positive attitude


We believe that standards of excellence for ourselves lead to exceptional products and service for our clients. We do not believe in being average or just okay, complacent, or tying ourselves up by pursuing perfection over progress. We believe in:

  • Exceeding the expectations of clients, peers, and ourselves
  • Consistent delivery of exceptional products, services, and experiences
  • Growing, evolving, and always learning from mistakes
  • Being customer-centric
young woman hugging her cute small dog at home, sitting on the couch, wearing protective mask. Stay home concept during coronavirus covid-2019


The human-animal bond rests on a mutually beneficial dynamic built on trust, nurturing, responsibility, and respect. Equally, we embrace a fearless environment that empowers our people. We do not believe in catastrophizing errors, passing the buck, or expecting others to come to our rescue and answer for the mistakes of others. We believe in:

  • Supporting those around us in working through challenges
  • Leading by example
  • Creating a safe environment for colleagues to express opinions, experiment, and learn through experience
  • Peer-to-peer coaching and mentorship
  • Providing industry professionals/customers with trusted information

Find Out More About Our Solutions

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