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Why Pay-Per-Click Is Unique

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a highly targeted form of advertising that puts your practice website in front of local pet owners looking for the services you offer. 

  • Cost effective. You only pay when a prospective client clicks on your ad, which funnels them to your practice website. 
  • High Visibility. PPC ads put your website at the top of search results pages, so prospective clients see your practice first, which increases website traffic and the number of visitors that book appointments and take other action. 
  • Targetable. By choosing ad targeting options to reach local pet owners at a specific place and time of day, PPC ads help your practice reach prospective clients who are more likely to choose your practice. 

Why LifeLearn for PPC?

Dedicated PPC Experts

LifeLearn in-house PPC experts solely focus on PPC, staying on top of search engine advertising and technical changes so you can focus on patient care. 

Customized, Comprehensive Ad Strategies

First, the LifeLearn team gets to know your specific practice needs and goals. Then, they create a customized PPC ad strategy to help you reach your goals. 

Ongoing Campaign Optimization

To ensure your ad strategies stay on target with your practice goals, the LifeLearn team continually tests, tracks, and adjusts your campaigns as needed, and you receive monthly optimization reports and quarterly calls. 

The LifeLearn PPC Process

PPC advertising can be tough to understand but knowing what’s involved behind the scenes with LifeLearn isn’t. Here’s a deeper look inside their process: 


Campaign Setup

Each campaign begins with a kick-off call with a PPC expert to understand your practice goals.

Ad Creation

The team creates your ads, keywords, and ad extensions based on information gathered in your kick-off call.

Ad Launch

When your ads are ready for launch, you’ll receive an email notification that showcases your ads and landing pages. When your ads go live, you’ll receive any new leads via email as soon as they arrive.

ROI Measurement

PPC ads and landing pages include tracking phone numbers. To measure your success, the LifeLearn team also tracks and analyzes click numbers and form submissions.

Nonstop Optimization

Our PPC experts continually optimize your ad campaigns to ensure top performance, updating keywords and Ad Groups as needed.

Ongoing Reports

To ensure your ads are always aligned with your practice goals, you’ll receive a monthly report detailing campaign performance and resulting website traffic, plus quarterly calls from our PPC experts.

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