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Veterinary Communication Solutions: Engage Pet Owners Effectively

An industry leading client communication and retention software that empowers practices to improve client communications, increase engagement, and generate additional revenue with little effort or marketing spend.

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Increase Veterinary Practice Revenue

Improve Patient Outcomes with ALLYDVM Veterinary Software

ALLYDVM syncs client data from your practice management software to automatically identify missed reminders and appointment opportunities and flag clients with additional pets that they could be bringing in. Built-in prompts make it easy for your team to book those appointments, which drives better health outcomes for your patients, and better financial outcomes for your practice.

According to research published in Veterinary Advantage, one group of practices saw a 17.9% drop in missed appointments, and $59,000 in additional revenue over nine months after using ALLYDVM.

The average veterinary practice has 19 chances per day to schedule an appointment for a pet that is either past due or living in the household of a client who is already bringing in a different pet TODAY.

Optimize Veterinary Client Communications

Customized, Effective Veterinary Communication

ALLYDVM features automated appointment reminders, mass communication templates and two-way texting so your team can tailor communication based on data from your practice software to ensure you’re reaching the right people with the right information with as little administrative effort as possible.

Custom Veterinary Client Communication Solutions

The ALLYDVM solution syncs with your practice management software, and includes a unique retention calendar, a powerful client communication system, and a convenient practice-branded, client-facing pet owner mobile app and client loyalty program.

Communication + Retention

The industry’s most powerful software solutions for improving client communications, engagement, and patient health.

Two-Way Texting

Available as an add-on, two-way texting empowers your practice to communicate with pet owners the way they want to be communicated with.

Loyalty Program

ALLYDVM’s Loyalty Program add-on was designed to help practices keep clients engaged and returning time and time again.


“We just recently switched to ALLYDVM and it has been amazing! We had another communication system when I went to speak with someone at LifeLearn. I told her everything I didn’t like about our current system, what I wish it did, and she said 'Great, that’s what we do!' It was a really easy switch. ALLYDVM does everything I wish our other communication system did, and they do it very well.”

Cheryl WimmersPractice Manager, Tansley Woods Animal Hospital

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