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Instant Insight

With every website, we provide an advanced live dashboard that connects all of your LifeLearn products to make your business operations, more efficient and data-driven. Our live dashboard provides you with instant insight into your website performance to drive practice success.

With our revolutionary design, you can quickly and easily access all your data to make informed, data-driven decisions and improve office efficiencies. And because you can easily access all your products, advanced performance data, and engaging educational resources, it is the perfect solution for veterinary professionals who want to streamline their workflow, reach their practice goals, and remove the guesswork in their digital performance.


Better Veterinary Websites

With a suite of industry leading pet health content and online resources, WebDVM positions your website as the go-to source of trusted information for pet owners, which strengthens client engagement, improves compliance, and drives repeat business.


Attract New Clients

+ Book More Appointments

With Google Certified Account managers, each WebDVM website is search engine optimized to attract new pet owners, and custom designed to tell pet owners who you are, why you’re the veterinarian for them, and convert site visitors into paying clients through strategic, goal-driven calls to action, and online client conversion forms.

Save Time

+ Improve Compliance

WebDVM is complete with a suite of industry approved pet health content and educational resources designed to help you communicate with pet owners more efficiently while improving compliance and saving your team valuable time.

A Site That Works for Your Business

WebDVM is designed by experts following industry standards of design and user experience best practices. Each site features user-friendly navigation and mobile-ready design so current, and prospective clients can find and explore your site with ease.

Available in three editions – Core, Plus, and Pro – WebDVM has everything you need to build a thriving practice. All WebDVM editions include Ongoing Toll-Free Support, SSL, Hosting, and Cloudflare® Advanced Website Security.


Achieve business goals, and represent your practice online with a site that is specifically designed to tell clients exactly who you are, what you do, and why you’re the veterinarian for them.


Designed to attract and convert more pet owners, WebDVM Plus features industry leading educational content and client resources to improve compliance, increase engagement and drive pet owners back to your practice.


Featuring VetScribe Custom Content, and advanced search engine optimization, WebDVM Pro is designed for highly competitive practices looking to expand their business.

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“Right now, we're seeing about 50% of all new client business come through the website. We could not be as successful as we are if we didn't have the courage to go custom, and to be able to manage it, work with it to make it who we are, and make our statement to the world. I couldn't have picked a better company.”

Julia McPeekOwner, Harmony Veterinary Center

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WebDVM is available in three editions. Schedule time with one of our subject matter experts to help you determine which one is right for your practice.

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