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At LifeLearn, we’re focused on maximizing the veterinary practice’s success by elevating their information and technology capabilities.

LifeLearn’s specialists and customizable solutions work together to help you realize the value of knowledge. Whether you’re just starting-up, focused on growth, dealing with change, facing increased competition, or thinking ahead towards succession or a sale – your veterinary practice will benefit from our insight and solutions.

The LifeLearn ECOsystem empowers your practice to Educate your clients; Communicate more consistently and effectively; and ultimately, Optimize the way you operate.

Cannabis, CBD, and Your Pet

Cannabis, CBD and Your Pet

With the legalization of cannabis in several U.S. states and Canada, pet owners are naturally becoming increasingly concerned about the effects of cannabis and cannabis-based products on pets through accidental exposure or consumption. Given the effects that cannabis…
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National Veterinary Technician Week

5 Simple Ways to Say Thanks to Your Superhero Vet Techs

Veterinary technicians may not appear to have much in common with Wonder Woman or Batman. Yet vet technicians are superheroes in their own right by their dedication to the health and well-being of pets everywhere. That’s why clinics…
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Veterinarian Sofie Computer

Two NEW and Two UPDATED Veterinary Textbooks Added to LifeLearn Sofie!

Having fast, easy access to the latest and best veterinary medical information is crucial for veterinary teams. That’s why LifeLearn Animal Health has added two new and two updated veterinary textbooks to LifeLearn Sofie, the industry’s most advanced…
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