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Share trusted pet health information during times of social distancing

Sharing trusted and reliable pet health information to pet owners during times of social distancing can be challenge for some practices. ClientEd gives you and your clients access to one of the industry’s largest pet health libraries, searchable by category and available in hard copy and digital form.

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Provide better answers

Prevent your clients from relying on unvetted advice online. ClientEd is integrated within your website, ensuring your practice is the credible go-to resource for pet owners to make better health care choices.

Create/share customizable branded handouts

Gain the trust of your clients by customizing the ClientEd library of 2,000 handouts with your practice brand. Share handouts easily in print,  email, or directly from your practice management software.

Write personalized doctor’s notes

Type personalized doctors notes on demand (easily and without delay) directly on handouts to reinforce diagnosis, treatment, or proper administration of medication.

Work better from your practice management software

ClientEd integrates with websites and some of the most popular practice management systems, so you and your team can save time and access ClientEd digital handouts right from within your existing software.

Create your own content/manage your content

Stand out by editing or creating new handouts to grow your own practice library. Add content written by your practice to increase your resource pool with content that is relevant and unique to your practice or geographic location.


Increase compliance using plain language

To effectively improve compliance and patient outcomes, ClientEd articles are written in plain language, making them easily understood by pet owners.

Prior to investing in the LifeLearn client handouts, we would photocopy information from books for our clients. This information had no link to the practice, looked unprofessional, was too technical and may have caused some confusion and therefore caused the clients additional worry. The LifeLearn client handouts are professional, colorful, laid out in a nice way and easy for our clients to understand. They provide good general information which does not conflict with consultation advice and they cover all the options available always referring back to the veterinary practice

Nadine Fletcher, Veterinary Nurse, Summerhill Veterinary Centre

ClientEd features include:

  • Short digestible content that is written in plain understandable everyday language
  • Available as a hard copy or digital handout
  • Relevant images or medical illustrations to further increase understanding
  • Handouts are searchable by multiple categories, species, and topics—including medication
  • Edit and customize handout content without changing the source handouts
  • The ability to add individualized comments/special instructions to handouts
  • The inclusion of practice branding (logo, name, and address to every handout)
  • Practice software integration, with automated prompts to print handouts for clients
  • Multiple logins per clinic—up to 50 user accounts accessible through the platform from anywhere at any time


Over 200 drug articles that comply with new state laws
New U.S. state laws now require veterinarians to provide detailed pet medication information to pet owners each time a pet medication is initially provided or prescribed in an outpatient setting. Veterinarians must further provide a paper copy of the information if clients ask for it. ClientEd’s ready-to-use client handouts include 215 pet medication articles (85 of which were recently updated or added), and more coming soon. Learn more about the new U.S state laws here.

Upgrade your ClientEd subscription with a WebDVM website

WebDVM Plus and Pro editions include the full ClientEd library, and ClientEd can easily be added to WebDVM Core edition. So, you can customize and enhance your clients’ online experience. WebDVM includes a custom website and additional tools to help maximize client education and improve pet health outcomes.

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