After-Hours Telehealth Support


Boost client satisfaction and clinic revenue

Pet owners can have important and even critical pet health care questions at any time including evenings, weekends, and holidays. As a result, your practice can lose appointments and clients, all of which impacts pet health care and your bottom line.

With the after-hours telehealth triage service LifeLearn PetNurse, you provide instant after-hours support to your clients to help increase appointments, improve practice profitability, and maximize pet health care without the cost of hiring additional staff or staying open later.

Pet owners want after-hours pet health information

Veterinarians and the next generation of pet owners see the world differently. While veterinarians know that the web is filled with unvetted, and sometimes ineffective pet health information, pet owners today see the web as the most convenient after-hours resource to help them make pet health decisions.

This is not to say that pet owners don’t trust veterinarians. They do.

Pet owners trust veterinarians

According to research by Packaged Facts, the next generation of pet owners trust veterinarians and rely on their advice, but, the Pet Owner Paths study shows that instant access to veterinary help is valued most. While pet owners trust veterinarians, they expect 24/7 access to information. Without after-hours access through veterinary clinics, most pet owners have few options but to find what they need by turning to “Dr. Google”. The result?

  • Conflicting online information can cause pet owners to delay making critical time-sensitive pet health decisions
  • Unreliable online information may cause pet owners to make the wrong decision
  • Following online information can cause pet owners to treat pets with unvetted and sometimes dangerous medical advice

The solution is PetNurse

Staffed by registered veterinary nurses/technicians, PetNurse works in partnership with veterinary practices to provide after-hours support for pet owners who need instant answers to pet health concerns.

As a reliable resource where nurses follow distinct protocols in every call based on pet symptoms, PetNurse helps pet owners avoid the risks of using unvetted online information and helps boost appointments for practices.

  • If a pet concern isn’t urgent, nurses can advise pet owners to make a next- day appointment with your practice or book an appointment directly if you have a WebDVM website with our calendar connector.
  • If a situation is urgent, they can advise pet owners to visit your practice right away or an after-hours emergency clinic associated with your practice.
  • If pet owners are just looking for general information like your clinic’s hours of operation or want to order pet products, PetNurse can help keep the focus squarely on your practice.

All after-hours calls result in a call summary being sent to your practice for review.

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PetNurse is not a replacement for veterinarian services

PetNurse is a triage service that gives pet owners safe, appropriate, and timely assessment of an animal’s health. Working in support of your veterinary practice, PetNurse evaluates the situation, determines urgency, provides clear instructions, gives the caller a referral to your practice, and specifies clear next steps.


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