GUELPH, ON—Sept. 28, 2020—To assist veterinary medical students in their studies and clinical rotations without adding to the high cost of veterinary medical education, LifeLearn Animal Health today announced a free subscription to Sofie, the advanced veterinary medical search tool, for all students enrolled in an accredited veterinary doctorate program.

“In the past 10 years, the cost of veterinary medical education has only risen,” says Dr. Mark Stephenson, LifeLearn’s Chief Veterinary Officer. “From LifeLearn’s beginnings in 1994 providing education resources for veterinarians, we’ve believed in accessibility, and no student should feel financially restricted from tools and resources that can help them in their studies. So, to help undergraduate veterinary medical students in their courses, case studies, and in-clinic work placements, we’re currently offering a free subscription to Sofie.”

Used by thousands of veterinarians across North America, Sofie helps clinical team members save time and improve efficiency by providing instant online access to the most current and credible veterinary medical information.
Powered by IBM Watson®, an innovative, cognitive computing system that uses augmented intelligence to rapidly search and deliver information from Sofie’s vast information library of over 40,000 pages from the most popular veterinary textbooks, journals, and conference proceedings, Sofie provides lightning-fast clinical answers at the point of need. So, a complimentary student subscription to Sofie (accessible on any Internet-enabled device) provides students with zero-dollar access to a trusted veterinary medical search tool used and proven in the real world and saves students time manually flipping through textbooks.
[arve url=”” /] In terms of dollar value to veterinary students, Sofie’s extensive knowledge base currently contains over $5000 worth of veterinary medical content and includes ongoing updates. So, veterinary students (and anyone using Sofie) always have up-to-date knowledge and information at their fingertips—in the classroom, in-clinic, or remotely—to support their studies.

About LifeLearn Animal Health

LifeLearn provides customizable online software solutions for veterinary practices to save time, increase appointments, adapt, and thrive in a competitive new veterinary landscape. LifeLearn does the setup work for you, which makes implementation easy.
LifeLearn’s solutions include Communication (WebDVM, ALLYDVM), Education (Sofie, ClientEd, VetFolio), Telemedicine (Petriage, PetNurse), and Industry Solutions (custom digital education and communications products and services).
LifeLearn’s award-winning competencies in digital media, combined with longstanding veterinary content expertise and customer support, are just part of why LifeLearn continues to be a leading and trusted name in the animal health industry.
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