GUELPH, ON—June 16, 2020—To help California veterinary practices easily comply with Lizzie’s Law (Section 4829.5 of the Business and Professions Code), LifeLearn Animal Health’s client education resource, ClientEd, now has more than 230 pet medication handouts that cover the consultation requirements now required by California law.

“The current crisis has certainly brought the need for time savings and improved efficiency to the forefront for practices to adapt and thrive in these challenging times,” says Dr. Mark Stephenson, LifeLearn’s Chief Veterinary Officer. “From ClientEd’s beginnings in 1995 as a trusted client education resource, the main purpose of ClientEd was to save practices time and improve efficiency while increasing compliance. To that end, ClientEd included some 90 drug information handouts for clients by 1999. Today, we’re happy to say we’ve almost tripled that number, providing a robust, ready-to-go resource for practices to meet California’s new pet medication compliance law.”

The change to the California Business and Professions Code was sparked by the unfortunate death of a Yorkshire terrier named Lizzie, whose death was a result of complications from renal failure.
As part of minimum consultation requirements, California veterinarians must now provide detailed pet medication information to pet owners each time a medication is initially provided or prescribed in an outpatient setting. Veterinarians must also provide a paper copy of the information if clients ask for it.
“To increase understanding of pet medication information,” says Dr. Stephenson, “all ClientEd handouts are written in plain language to ensure all pet owners can benefit from the pet information being shared.”
Designed specifically for effective client education, ClientEd’s library has more than 2,100 pet health handouts written and reviewed by animal health experts. Handouts are easily shared in print to serve practices offering curbside care or emailed directly from the ClientEd platform and some practice management software to serve physical distancing. Of ClientEd’s 230-plus pet medication handouts, 50 new pet medication handouts have been added over the past year, and 152 have been updated to provide the information required by Lizzie’s Law. And LifeLearn continues to add and update medication handouts to the ClientEd library on a regular basis.

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