Guelph, ON—September 29, 2021—To help Ontario Veterinary College students with the cost of education, 4th-year OVC students with demonstrated financial need are now eligible for the new LifeLearn Animal Health DVM Bursary.

Created by LifeLearn for final-year OVC students registered in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program (Small Animal Stream), the LifeLearn Animal Health DVM Bursary will award one gift of $1,000 to one eligible student each year for five years (2021 to 2025).

“We’re very pleased to be offering this new bursary to OVC students,” says Mark Stephenson, DVM and LifeLearn’s Chief Veterinary Officer, “because LifeLearn’s history began as part of the OVC’s continuing education department. While we’ve grown, Guelph remains home, and we retain our belief that animals fundamentally make the world a happier and healthier place. To this end, we’re honored to support future veterinarians as they prepare to enter their careers in companion animal medicine.”

LifeLearn’s commitment to veterinary student support goes beyond the new LifeLearn Animal Health DVM Bursary. To support veterinary medical students in their studies and clinical rotations without adding to the cost of veterinary medical education, LifeLearn recently announced a free student subscription to Sofie, the advanced veterinary medical search tool, for all students enrolled in an accredited veterinary doctorate program.

“The cost of veterinary medical education has only risen in the past 10 years,” says Dr. Stephenson. “We believe in accessibility and no student should feel financially restricted from tools and resources that can help them in their studies. So, to help veterinary medical students, interns, and residents in their courses, case studies, and in-clinic work placements, we’re currently offering a free subscription to Sofie.”

Used by thousands of veterinarians across North America, Sofie helps clinical team members save time and improve efficiency by providing instant online access to the most current and credible veterinary medical information.

Applications for this year’s LifeLearn Animal Health DVM Bursary are open until Oct. 7th, 2021.

OVC 4th-year students must apply to Student Financial Services with a completed Financial Need Assessment Form. Selection will be based on financial need.

Application instructions can be found here.

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