GUELPH, ON—December 9, 2020LifeLearn Animal Health announces the appointment of Graham McBride as new CEO to strengthen the company’s forward momentum and growth through 2021 and beyond.

“I’m thrilled and honored to be part of a company—indeed, an industry—supporting the essential nature of veterinary teams and animal health services, which showed incredible resiliency and adaptability in 2020, despite enormous challenges,” says McBride. “The events of the past year certainly reminded us all of the importance of what we do in the animal health industry to support essential services. More importantly, 2020 reminded us of business resilience and the most important guiding questions going forward: What can we do better? How can we work smarter? How can we all work together to make sure veterinary teams and animal health businesses have the very best tools and resources possible to increase efficiency, adapt, and thrive? These questions have certainly always been central to LifeLearn and its suite of practice solutions, and they will continue to guide us.”

To ensure veterinary practices and animal health businesses have the best tools and solutions available, McBride notes that LifeLearn’s road forward includes strengthening and broadening relationships with a variety of business and industry partners.

“In practices, veterinarians and pet parents work together for the best possible pet health outcomes,” says McBride, who sees industry partnerships as supportive of the same goal. “LifeLearn has over 25 years of collective knowledge and experience in the animal health industry. Other animal health businesses have their own knowledge and experience. When businesses work together in mutually rewarding relationships, they can better reach and support the veterinary profession, which ultimately advances animal health and education worldwide. As part of this announcement about my new role as LifeLearn CEO, I’d like to re-announce our commitment to that, and I look forward to working with industry partners who wish to join us in our mission.”

About Graham McBride

Graham McBride has been involved with entrepreneurs for over 30 years, with experience in a broad range of investment, strategic, general management, and corporate finance roles, crossing a diverse group of industries. Having led several successful investment teams, including teams at VG Partners and Royal Bank, Graham has been part of building many successful management teams and businesses, resulting in numerous successful private investments. Graham is presently Executive Chairman and CEO of LifeLearn Animal Health, and is a board member of several private companies, a member of the Investment Committee of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund, and active with several charitable organizations. Graham holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Queen’s University.

About LifeLearn Animal Health 

LifeLearn provides flexible, affordable, and customizable online software solutions for veterinary practices to save time, improve practice efficiency, and strengthen client relationships. Every customizable solution comes with a no-fuss setup. LifeLearn does all the work for you.

LifeLearn’s solutions include Communication (WebDVM, ALLYDVM), Education (Sofie, ClientEd), Telemedicine (Petriage, PetNurse), and Industry Solutions (custom digital education and communications products and services).

LifeLearn’s award-winning competencies in digital media, combined with longstanding veterinary content expertise and customer support, are just part of why LifeLearn continues to be a leading and trusted name in the animal health industry.


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(800) 375-7994, ext. 244