GUELPH, ON—May 12, 2020—LifeLearn Animal Health today announced a new collaboration with Petriage to add the veterinary technology company’s state-of-the-art telehealth platform to LifeLearn’s suite of industry-leading Practice Solutions.

“We’re excited to partner with Petriage to further LifeLearn’s commitment to provide practices with the tools they need to optimize their operations while adapting to changing protocols,” says Dr. Mark Stephenson, LifeLearn’s Chief Veterinary Officer. “Adding Petriage to our existing suite of Practice Solutions broadens our resources to help practices navigate the current crisis, rebound from it and thrive in the days ahead.”

A cloud-based B2B telehealth company, Petriage provides a unique software platform, developed by a veterinarian, that comes in three incremental service levels to serve the needs and budget of any practice:

  • The Basic telehealth service level provides pet owners with an advanced, patent-pending online teletriage pet Symptom Checker that can be accessed from a web browser or an easy-to-use mobile app. The Symptom Checker uses a sophisticated AI-driven algorithm to help pet owners assess the urgency for veterinary care and provide a recommendation of the appropriate next steps.
  • The Essential service level adds additional telemonitoring capabilities through eCheck – Remote Monitoring for communication and re-checks after surgery or hospitalization.
  • The Premium service level completes the Petriage “Circle of Care” by adding full telemedicine capabilities through eConsult – Online Consultation. It gives pet owners the ability to chat or teleconference live and remotely engage with their veterinarian and to share photos and videos.

Petriage has read and writeback capabilities to automatically sync triage, eCheck, and eConsult data with the top practice management system’s medical records.
Trusted by veterinarians across North America and recommended to its members by the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association (WSVMA), Petriage is available through LifeLearn as a standalone solution. Petriage can also be added and integrated into LifeLearn WebDVM custom veterinary websites (both for existing and new WebDVM customers) for quick pet-owner access.
“We are thrilled to be joining with LifeLearn, a company dedicated as we are to advancing pet health. We look forward to working together to reach more veterinarians with the underlying message that telehealth can support their practice, both now, during COVID-19, and later when social distancing restrictions are removed,” said Petriage CEO Allon Freiman.
“While this is a time of uncertainty for many practices, veterinarians can feel supported knowing they have access to robust and adaptive tools to help them stay connected with clients and serve the care and well-being of patients in these unprecedented times. We really are all in this together, and our partnership with LifeLearn reflects that.”

About Petriage

Petriage is a cloud-based B2B telehealth company that allows veterinarians to service their clients and engage them in the remote care of their patients. Its unique offering is a telemedicine service highlighted by a proprietary teletriage tool by which pet parents are provided a recommendation in real time regarding the need/urgency to seek veterinary medical care for their pets. Petriage was founded in 2015 in Bellevue, WA by CEO Allon Freiman, Shlomo Freiman (DVM, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine), and Casey Olives (PhD, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health). For more information, visit

About LifeLearn Animal Health

LifeLearn empowers veterinary practices to optimize the way they do business, attract more clients, and improve profitability with a suite of customizable online solutions, including: WebDVM—custom veterinary websites; ClientEd—client education resource; Sofie—virtual DVM assistant; PetNurse—after-hours telehealth triage service; ALLYDVM—client communication + retention software.
Animal health corporations rely on LifeLearn to provide custom digital education, marketing, and communications products and services to help them market to their valued veterinary and pet-owner customers.
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