GUELPH, ON—March 15, 2019—LifeLearn Animal Health is thrilled to announce that it has achieved Google Partner status and earned its Google Partner Badge. Signifying that LifeLearn has demonstrated expertise and results in managing Google advertising on behalf of clients, the Google Partner Badge also signifies that LifeLearn has grown and sustained its client base.

“LifeLearn is extremely proud to be part of the Google Partner program,” says Randy Valpy, President and CEO of LifeLearn. “As a company, we’re committed to empowering animal health organizations to optimize client communications, maximize efficiency, and improve profitability with LifeLearn’s comprehensive suite of customizable digital solutions. Earning a Google Partner Badge further qualifies our commitment, evidences the results we’ve delivered, and adds one more level of assurance for veterinary practices, animal health companies, and pet service businesses that they can trust LifeLearn to help them reach their goals.”

The added trust comes down to why Google started the Google Partner program, what it takes to earn a Google Partner Badge, and how that translates into solutions that perform.

Google launched its program in 2013 as third-party qualification to help businesses and individuals easily identify and connect with companies proven to be healthy and whose clients are happy.

Google Partner status isn’t just handed out. The Google Partner Badge indicates that specific Partners have passed strict Google Ads certification exams, that they’re up to date with the latest product knowledge, and they’ve achieved a globally recognized level of expertise in Google advertising and search-engine optimization.

For businesses, the badge takes the guesswork out of finding a company to successfully manage online advertising and improve discoverability because Google Partners know the best placements, the best keywords, and the best Google Ads strategies to maximize returns through flexible, customized advertising solutions grounded in SEO best practices.

“Being an accredited Google Partner strengthens our position as a leader in the animal health industry,” says Ed Casagrande, Director of Marketing for LifeLearn, “because certification ensures the highest levels of optimization for veterinary practices, animal health companies, and pet service businesses who choose from LifeLearn’s range of solutions to reach more customers and improve profitability.”

Among the LifeLearn solutions that Google Partner certification serves:

Veterinary Solutions

  • WebDVM | Custom Veterinary Websites: LifeLearn WebDVM websites are custom-built to rank veterinary practices higher on Google and other search engines, attract more pet owners and convert those pet owners into clients.
  • AdLift | Custom Digital Media Marketing for Veterinarians: Born of LifeLearn’s experience in the science and business of the animal health industry, LifeLearn AdLift helps veterinary clinics reach more pet owners and turns clicks into clients with all-in-one digital advertising packages to maximize returns from Facebook and Google ad campaigns.
  • SEO Extreme | Search Engine Optimization for Veterinary Websites: LifeLearn SEO Extreme helps improve the online presence and search engine ranking of veterinary websites and adjusts SEO to keep veterinary websites ranking high.

Pet Service Solutions

  • WebPS | Custom Websites for Pet Services: LifeLearn WebPS websites are custom-built for pet service businesses to strengthen their online presence and attract more bookings. Tailored to reflect a pet service’s brand, WebPS websites include customized navigation and mobile-responsive pages to simplify the ability of current and prospective clients to find and explore a pet service’s website.
  • AdLift: Custom Digital Media Marketing for Pet Services: LifeLearn AdLift helps pet service businesses reach more pet owners and increase pet bookings with all-in-one digital advertising packages tailored for maximin impact on Google and Facebook.
  • SEO Extreme | Search Engine Optimization for Pet Service Websites: As a time-saving service for busy pet service businesses, LifeLearn SEO Extreme helps improve the online presence and search engine ranking of pet service business websites and adjusts SEO to keep their websites ranking high.

Google Partner status also serves veterinary and pet service businesses who choose LifeLearn SEO+. Available as a monthly service with Premium and Exclusive editions of WebDVM and WebPS, SEO+ tracks a website’s key performance indicators, identifies things that could be affecting ranking, and implements SEO solutions to improve discovery by search engines.

“Through all the LifeLearn solutions that Google Partner status strengthens and improves,” adds Valpy, “Google Partner status ultimately serves our core mission to help advance animal health and education worldwide.”

About LifeLearn Animal Health 

Celebrating 25 years of continuing innovation and excellence, LifeLearn, Inc. provides education and communications products and services to the veterinary profession, animal health organizations, and pet service businesses. LifeLearn’s award-winning competencies in digital media, combined with longstanding veterinary content expertise, have delivered sophisticated offerings to veterinarians to optimize their practices, including: WebDVM, custom veterinary websites; ClientEd; client education resource; and Sofie, the advanced veterinary medical search tool. And for 20 years, animal health corporations have relied on LifeLearn to provide veterinary-focussed education, digital marketing, and meetings agency services to optimize their businesses. LifeLearn was named one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies from 2015 to 2017 by PROFIT 500 and GROWTH 500 in 2018.

For more information, contact:

LifeLearn Inc.

Ed Casagrande, Director of Marketing

[email protected]

(800) 375-7994, ext. 244

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