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Grow Your Practice With LifeLearn SEO Extreme

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to improving your online presence in order to attract more clients and grow your practice. But how do you start?

Moreover, how do you easily monitor and improve the performance of your website in search engines, day after day, without taking away from important time helping patients?

The Solution: SEO Extreme

LifeLearn SEO Extreme is not an additional task to add to your busy day. SEO Extreme works for you as a time-saving service to:

Screen reader text Optimize your website to improve your online presence and ranking in search engines

Screen reader text Track key performance indicators to zero in on things that may be affecting your website’s discoverability

Screen reader text Adjust your SEO to keep your website ranking high

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You choose your level of involvement

Comprehensive but easy-to-understand monthly reports keep you in the loop to show you how your website is performing and deliver the information you need to make informed decisions and SEO input.

SEO Extreme features include

Screen reader text Keyword research including high-value veterinary niche words in your region to optimize your website’s discovery

Screen reader text Goal conversion tracking to show you how many customers are booking appointments through your website

Screen reader text  Expanded SEO reporting to show you how well your website is performing

Screen reader text Quarterly website audits to review your website’s performance

Screen reader text Increased page speed to deliver content faster and increase performance

LifeLearn SEO Extreme Specialists work with you

Included with SEO Extreme’s quarterly audits of your website, a LifeLearn SEO Specialist will contact your practice every three months to review performance indicators, including:

  • Sessions – the number of monthly visitors from organic searches
  • Pageviews – the overall number of times your website was viewed in a month from organic search listings
  • New users – the number of visitors who have never visited your website before and discovered your website from organic search listings

If a quarterly call isn’t enough, a dedicated LifeLearn Support Specialist is at your disposal if you have any questions or concerns.

SEO Extreme Pricing

SEO Extreme Pricing
SEO Extreme Pricing
SEO Extreme Pricing