Given the winter forecast, many veterinary teams are understandably less than thrilled about the coming cold and snow—and the additional complications of curbside service. As DVM and veterinary influencer Jessica Vogelsang recently wrote on LinkedIn, “Everybody is dreading winter.” Yet there’s another scenario facing practices this winter.

Specifically, the scenario of pet owners not showing up to practices because of the cold and/or new restrictions because of COVID-19 case numbers.

The scenario, of course, does not mean that pet owners won’t have questions or concerns about the health of their pets and how to best take care of them. They will, and providing pet owners with simple, reliable, and trusted tools to remotely answer their questions accomplishes two things:

  • Pet owners stay engaged with practices, which promotes appointments when the weather gets warmer, or when pet owners feel comfortable visiting their practice.
  • By letting pet owners know that you have their pet health questions covered remotely with trusted tools, practices encourage pet owners to avoid Dr. Google, which ultimately encourages better pet health and reinforces client trust and connection with practices.

To accomplish this, LifeLearn provides several options for practices with WebDVM custom veterinary websites:

The Plus and Pro editions of WebDVM include Pet Health Checker, an online tool where pet owners can enter a pet’s symptoms and determine the urgency of any required veterinary attention. Pet Health Checker always encourages pet owners to contact your practice, which improves patient outcomes by helping to eliminate Dr. Google.

WebDVM Plus and Pro also include ClientEd, the pet health education resource for pet owners. The ClientEd library features expert-written pet health content designed to educate and increase compliance by helping pet owners understand their pet’s medical condition using pet owner-friendly language and illustrations.

To help pet owners learn about the value of pet insurance and answer questions they need to ask prior to purchasing a policy, is a free service accessible to pet owners from our consumer site and as an integration feature for all WebDVM websites. With integration into a WebDVM website, pet owners can feel confident that the information is reliable and trustworthy, since it’s coming directly from their veterinary provider, and practices can select which insurers they wish to support.

To further help practices meet the remote information needs of pet owners this winter, we’re currently offering 80% off setup fees for WebDVM Plus and Pro from Oct. 1st, 2020, to Dec. 31st, 2020.

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