Veterinary practices face the same challenges as any business. Where pet owners now have more choices than ever to care for their furry family members, marketing is an essential activity for practices both large and small to retain clients, reach more pet owners, and thrive in a competitive market. 

So, what does a strong veterinary marketing plan look like? 

We’ve narrowed it down to three main categories you can implement today to help your practice reach its full potential: 


1. Unlock the power of pet owner education

When pet owners walk away from your practice with trusted client education material that helps them better understand why diagnostic tests and treatments are needed, they’re more likely to comply with veterinarian recommendations. This not only helps to improve patient outcomes and attract new pet owners from word-of-mouth advertising by happy clients. Client education material establishes your veterinary team as knowledge leaders and a go-to resource for pet owners, which builds trust and repeat business for improved practice profitability. 


2. Open up the lines of communication

Two things are true about today’s pet owners: 

  1. They want to be involved in the health care of their pets, and they’re willing to spend large to take care of their pets. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), spending on veterinary care increased 6.1% to $18.1 billion in 2018, and the APPA projects future spending growth. 
  1. Today’s pet owners are busy and rely on practices for effective client communications when it comes to pet appointment reminders, updates on surgery status, and more.  


Effective client communications are ultimately a service that ideally saves pet owners time and trouble. The more you show clients that they can rely on your practice for appointments reminders and other important pet health communications, the more you nurture relationships with pet owners, which gains client loyalty, garners repeat business, and can lead to referrals. 

The key to any effective client communications system is flexibility. Some clients prefer email appointment reminders. Others prefer two-way texting in addition to a client request system for patient updates and prescription refills. 

Effective practice marketing means reaching more pet owners where they consume information without having to spend more time doing it, and that’s exactly what the ALLYDVM Communication + Retention System was designed to do. 

As one of the veterinary industry’s most powerful software solutions for improving client communications, engagement, and patient health, the ALLYDVM solution includes a convenient client-facing mobile app and an optional, engaging Loyalty Program. 

According to Veterinary Advantage, one group of practices saw a 17.9% drop in missed appointments and $59,000 in additional revenue over nine months after using ALLYDVM. 

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3. Lock down an effective strategy to optimize your efforts

Whichever aspect of veterinary marketing you seek to dominate first, be sure to establish a killer strategy to make the most of your time and effort. Optimization is all about getting analytical to identify underlying issues or areas for improvement at your practice in order to grow.  

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