Impactful Resolutions for 2018

3 Impactful Resolutions Your Practice Can Keep in 2018

Every new year, you’re bombarded with empty promises of what unrealistic resolutions can do to improve your life—often with disappointing results. Here at LifeLearn, we’re for making practical improvements that actually stick.

After all, what veterinary team has time to waste on ineffective customer engagement strategies? Instead, we compiled a shortlist of simple changes you can make at your practice this year for a lasting, positive impact on pet health.

1. Expand Your Online Reach

If your veterinary practice is ready to reach its full potential in 2018, growing your online presence is the perfect place to start. The best part? It doesn’t have to be overly complicated or time-consuming.

How can you broaden your reach with pet owners this year?

Today’s pet parents often respond better to authenticity when it comes to online communication, especially from veterinary practices. Don’t worry, this is actually great news for your team—sharing real, honest content is much easier and far less time-consuming than staging your clinic as something it’s not, just to appear flashier.

To keep it real in 2018, consider partnering with local influencers in the pet health community to spread the word about your practice.

Do you have a pet patient with a significant Instagram following who loves your clinic? Know a contact at the local newspaper who would love to do a feature on your volunteer initiatives? Don’t be afraid to reach out and initiate partnerships like these within your community.

Looking for other ways to engage pet owners online? Spice up your feed with a live video—check out these 13 Live Stream Ideas for Veterinary Practices to learn how.

2. Save time by staying organized

Having just survived the busy holiday season, your team knows better than anyone that organization is the key to managing a successful veterinary clinic.

The same goes for developing a marketing strategy—if you’re not organized, the end result will not yield a strong ROI (Return on Investment). So make a plan; one that loosely maps out your goals for social media, email campaigns, SEO, and blog content.

Beyond marketing, you can also find plenty of opportunities to simplify operational processes, like client database maintenance, that would otherwise take ages. Eager to save time on client retention? Automation is the answer. Look for tools that are integrated and automated to your current systems to save your team time.

Staying organized can feel like a chore, but it saves time in the long run—don’t underestimate the cost of being disorganized!

3. Stay wise—analyze

Another great way to stay on top of the veterinary hustle is to track social media and website analytics so you’ll always know what works best for engaging pet owners in your local community.

Tracking website traffic and social media engagement has never been easier, with access to advanced analytics that help you identify trends and maximize your success online.

Based on these insights, you can learn about pet owners to improve client acquisition and find better ways to meet their needs—and treat their pets.

Together, let’s make 2018 your best year yet!

Need a hand creating positive changes at your veterinary practice this year? Count on the LifeLearn ECOsystem to guide you—learn how!