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Training & Development

Take advantage of our ability to create blended learning solutions that are designed to foster stronger understanding and change behavior.

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eLearning Solutions

Our solutions are developed by a team of programmers and biomedical communicators who consistently work at the cutting edge of eLearning principles.

We develop:

  • Courses and webinars for a new product launch or a product refresh
  • Enterprise-wide continuing education programs and portals
  • Customer-facing learning programs

Engagement Learning

We develop:

  • Dynamic programs that incorporate games and simulations to evoke the competitive spirit and natural curiosity of audiences and teams
  • Solutions for online, in-clinic visits, presentations, events and trade shows/conferences



Webinars are convenient and cost-effective ways to deliver messages to a multitude of audiences.

We develop:

  • Programs for lead generation
  • Programs for internal training and development
  • Memorable and motivating content
  • Facilitation and management of on-demand or live events
  • Video that can be repurposed for maximum reach and results