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LifeLearn’s ClientEd platform features a comprehensive online library of over 2,000 pet health articles written and reviewed by practitioners and animal health experts, and designed specifically for effective client education in veterinary practices.

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Client Education Tools Increase Compliance

Medical knowledge is increasing exponentially, and while veterinarians constantly upgrade their animal health understanding and skills, it is challenging to transfer that knowledge to clients to ensure compliance with your recommendations. And pet owners are more likely to comply when they are better informed about the diagnosis, treatment and expected outcomes of their pet’s health care. LifeLearn’s client education resource, ClientEd, helps improve animal outcomes and the health of your practice by promoting an understanding of why diagnostic tests and treatments are needed, the importance of regular and timely appointments, and other necessary services.


Over 2,000 pet health articles

  • Every article is written and reviewed by veterinary health experts
  • Written in pet owner–friendly language, highlighting key points with attractive graphics and visuals, and laid out in a question-and-answer format
  • Print-ready for clients to take home or receive by email from your practice
  • Accessible online through your WebDVM website and also shareable on social media


  • Search functionality and categorized content
  • New articles added every month, and current articles continuously reviewed to ensure accuracy
  • Edit and customize your articles to suit your practice’s philosophy and branding
  • Work in one system with integration into your practice management software

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It’s On-site and Online

On-site – clients have the information they need before leaving the examination room

Search through one of the industry’s largest collections of pet health articles. Print or email on the spot to deliver consistent messages that match your practice’s unique brand. Keep pet owners engaged with helpful, easily-digestible content written with pet owner–language to help improve retention.

Online – ClientEd is integrated into your WebDVM website

All WebDVM websites feature ClientEd integration which provides your clients with a great resource to access anywhere, anytime, desktop or mobile. You’re ensuring pet owners have access to the right information when they need it most, and positioning your team as an authority on pet health.


Vetted by Animal Health Experts

LifeLearn specialists in animal health communication actively manage this industry-leading, comprehensive library. Every article is professionally written, regularly updated by practice experts, and reviewed by a panel of practitioners to ensure you have the latest, high-quality client information. Current, professional articles are also added regularly so there’s no more waiting for publications or printed handouts to arrive.

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ClientEd - Vetted by Experts

Ways That ClientEd Benefits Your Practice

Replaces Dr. Google

Rather than relying solely on Dr. Google, where harm can be caused by heeding inaccurate, ‘unvetted’ advice, your practice and website become the go-to resource for clients who need qualified, credible information and expertise.

Reinforces your brand

Your practice name is reinforced and emphasized every time a ClientEd fact sheet or article goes out. This ensures your name will be mentioned and more visible to other potential clients, and helps ensure your practice can grow through no-cost referrals.


Demonstrates that your practice cares about patient health by extending care beyond the appointment.


You provide tremendous value to your clients by providing high quality, reliable and credible pet health information available to them both at your clinic and on your website.


You will be seen as a very caring veterinary team by always providing your clients with the most up-to-date information possible.


Having prepared, well-written and up-to-date client education available for every situation reinforces the professionalism of your entire veterinary team. It also ensures the consistency of the advice and information your team provides.