You know your veterinary team is chock-full of solid educational backgrounds, heaps of valuable experience—and plenty of expertise. It might seem like a given, but your reputation for excellence can set you apart from the competition. First, though, you have to communicate that knowledge with pet owners. That’s where industry experts come in.
We’ve already talked about what it means to become an industry expert. Now, how do you establish yourself—or another member of your team—as an industry expert in the veterinary field? Here’s how to do it.

Embrace transparency.

Transparency is a hot topic in the health care industry, and for good reason. As a business responsible for the lives and well-being of animals, there’s no room for distrust from clients. You’re held to a higher standard than most, and it’s crucial that your practice is clear with pet owners. Industry experts must be open, honest and accountable to their audience—including pet owners, and peers.
If it sounds overwhelming, don’t worry—it’s not. There are plenty of easy-to-implement ways to build a more transparent business while reinforcing reinforce your authority as an industry expert. The main thing is to stay consistent and keep it real with pet owners, so you can build a lasting bond.
Sometimes, the simplest gestures mean the most—like admitting when your practice is in the wrong, or sharing a victory online.

Broadcast your success.

Has your community recently recognized you as an award-winning practice? It doesn’t matter how big or small; any shout-out that makes your team look good is worth a share. These successes help maintain your practice’s prestige—plus, they help build up your reputation as an industry expert.
You can spread the word by announcing it in a newsletter, tweeting or posting about it on Facebook. You could even add the award logo to your website as a reminder of what your veterinary team can accomplish. Be sure to spread the gratitude around too by means of thanking your colleagues and of course, thanking your clients.

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Pet owners want to know their pets are receiving the best care on the market, so sharing your victories online reassures your clients that they’ve made the right choice. Showcasing your success at your practice engages pet owners by encouraging them to celebrate with you, since they are a vital part of what makes your clinic so great. Not to mention, it entices potential clients to give your practice a try too.

Engage with pet owners—near and far!

As important as it is to find new ways to improve your in-person encounters with pet owners, your client engagement as an industry leader shouldn’t stop after you leave the exam room. Cultivating an awesome online presence can help you keep the discussion going about client education and all things pet care.
Becoming an industry expert is largely about what efforts you make to rise above the competition online. Curating high-quality content, for example, adds value to the lives of your followers and forges connections with other credible sources in the veterinary field.

How can you engage pet owners in a bigger way online?

It can help to go back to the basics of keeping pet owners involved on your website, blog and social media.

  • Stay active on social media; connect with pet owners on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or engage with other experts on platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Communicate with your audience consistently, and as frequently as possible, to keep yourself in their minds.
  • Share articles, videos and other relevant content that will add value (educational or entertainment) to the lives of pet owners. Be sure to add your own comments to make this content your own and add a bit of personality.

While your team may already be making efforts to stay tuned in online, it’s incredibly easy to drop it for what’s most important at any clinic—pet crises, training new staff, ordering supplies, you name it! That means it’s up to the industry expert to invest some time to rejuvenate and maintain your online reputation. A little effort goes a long way.

Get involved in your community, outside the office.

Volunteering in your community is another great way to engage with your audience, and become recognized as an industry expert. Plus, it feels pretty great too.
This is your opportunity to be a part of causes that you truly care about.

What are some ways to get involved?

Maybe you’re an avid runner, and would love to organize or participate in a marathon to benefit sick pets. Or perhaps baking is more your thing, and you’d be happy to make and sell dog treats and donate the proceeds to pets in need. However you choose to give back, don’t hesitate to share your efforts with your audience to increase your reach and further benefit the community as a result.
25818Charity isn’t the only way to stay involved in the community, though. There are countless industry associations that you can join to further your own learning. When you sit on a board of directors, or speak at conferences and events, you can build relationships with other experts and contribute your unique expertise as well.
Plus, there are always opportunities to write or contribute ideas to animal-related publications, if you really want to wow an audience with some great clippings for credibility. As such, you’ll also get to forge strong professional bonds with other experts in the field.

Prioritize online networking.

Start keeping tabs on important figures and themes in the animal health industry by consistently networking with other credible industry experts. For example, LinkedIn is a gold mine of networking opportunities—so it may be a good idea to create an account. Much like staying on top of new clinical research and ground-breaking surgery methods, industry leaders rely on each other for continued learning and support.
Industry experts have a huge leg-up in the business world because they become a go-to resource for pet owners, the media and even the greater animal health community. These experts enjoy exciting opportunities and tend to turn a higher profit for their veterinary practices.All monetary benefit aside, the chance to bond with pet owners is a unique and powerful thing, with the potential to improve client communication and compliance for healthier, happier pets.

You have the know-how, and we’ve got the tools. See how a WebDVM website can help showcase industry experts at your practice!

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