In-Clinic Case Examples of How Petriage Drives Repeat Business and Strengthens Client Relationships

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It’s one thing for a veterinary telehealth provider to tell you how their system will drive more business back to your practice, provide a high level of care and better work-life balance while simultaneously improving practice efficiency, client relationships, and patient outcomes. Yet it can be difficult for anyone new to veterinary telehealth to understand how such benefits translate into in-clinic application without some real-life use-case examples as context.

To clarify how the complete veterinary telehealth solution Petriage delivers such benefits, here are two real-world case example videos from Barb Kauffman, Veterinary Practice Manager for the Animal Hospital of Factoria in Bellevue, WA:

In-Clinic Case Study Video #1: Tycho

In this four-minute video, Kauffman chats about a pet named Tycho, who’d developed a limp. After using Petriage’s online teletriage pet Symptom Checker, Tycho’s owner received a Petriage recommendation of Worrisome, which advises clients to make a veterinary appointment within the next 2-3 days. Kauffman’s practice reviewed the details of the symptom analysis, confirmed them, and started communication with the pet owner through Petriage eConsult – Online Consultation.

After asking the client for more information on Tycho’s case, the client uploaded a photo to Petriage that showed Tycho was not bearing weight on the front left limb, at which point the practice asked the client to send a video of Tycho. After reviewing the video, the practice realized that the limp was a lot more severe than what was initially suspected, and the practice scheduled an appointment for Tycho that day to begin pain management.

Using Petriage’s eCheck feature to monitor Tycho’s progress, the practice was told by the client that Tycho was improving and the limp was almost gone. Shortly after, the practice received another report by the client that Tycho was licking at his paws. After sending the practice another picture via Petriage, the practice scheduled a re-check of Tycho and found that Tycho had a foxtail between his toes that had taken a few days to migrate to the surface.

“A large part of our job as veterinary professionals,” says Kauffman, “is managing our clients’ expectations, and Petriage allowed us to do just that for Tycho’s owner. In this scenario, the client could have really been frustrated that the pet issue did not completely resolve after the first visit. But because we were able to stay engaged with the client via Petriage, it really softened things when we needed to see the pet again, since it was clear to the owner that we were invested in [Tycho’s] overall improvement and his recovery.”

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In-Clinic Case Study Video #2: Owen

In this two-minute video, Kauffman explains how her practice received a symptom analysis that came in around 9 p.m. for a dog named Owen, who’d suffered a bite wound. The urgent recommendation to the pet owner was that Owen should seek veterinary medial attention within the next 24 hours. A veterinarian at the practice confirmed the analysis and began communicating with the pet owner via Petriage eConsult – Online Consultation.

The pet owner was able to attach a photo of Owen’s wound, and after further conversation with the pet owner, the veterinarian said that it was advisable for Owen to start antibiotics within six hours of the bite wound to prevent abscess. The doctor further advised the client that they could take Owen to the ER and that would be perfectly appropriate, or the client could pick up antibiotics from the practice lab box for the owner to pick up and start that night and the practice could see Owen the next day for wound repair.

In this situation, the pet owner opted to pick up the antibiotics and bring Owen to the practice the next day. “This was a perfect example,” says Kauffman, “of how we were able to drive business back to our practice while still providing a high level of care and maintaining a reasonable work-life balance. Obviously, this client was super happy because they were able to avoid spending thousands of dollars at the ER, not to mention seeing a vet that they don’t have a relationship with and taking several hours at 10 o’clock at night to address this issue.”

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Petriage, the complete veterinary telehealth solution, is a unique, robust, and flexible telehealth solution that enables modern-day veterinary practices to seamlessly integrate virtual care while maintaining the highest standards of patient care.

Petriage features include:

  • PIMS integration for automatic medical record keeping, which improves practice operations and efficiencies.
  • Telemedicine eConsultsallow clients (or the clinic) to request a virtual consultation where they can send text messages and share photos and videos with their veterinarian. From within an eConsult, the veterinarian can also initiate a video call for live, real-time video consultations.
  • Patent-pending teletriage tool drives appointments to your practice by providing clients with free 24/7 access to an AI-driven Symptom Checker with increasing levels of urgency, and a corresponding time range for receiving care. The Symptom Checker has a triage accuracy rate of 99.2%.
  • Telemonitoring eChecks enables veterinarians to schedule automatic remote monitoring re-checks which reduces the time spent conducting call backs and provides a more efficient way of conducting post-care follow-ups while increasing compliance.

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