You may have heard how many pet owners want instant, reliable access to after-hours veterinary support to answer their pet health questions and concerns. So, you may have considered adding the after-hours telephone-access veterinary telehealth triage service PetNurse to your practice resources for clients. Yet you may remain hesitant for one reason that makes perfect sense.
It’s one thing for veterinary journalists and teletriage solution providers to say there’s a demand, but is there proof?

Yes, There’s Proof

Over the past few months, many pet owners have contacted us directly in the belief that PetNurse is an app they can download to help them with their pet health questions outside of regular practice hours. We let them know that, while PetNurse is indeed designed to help them after hours, PetNurse is designed as a phone service for veterinary practices to offer their clients.
In other words, if you’ve been considering PetNurse to improve patient care and increase appointments but wondering whether there’s a demand, pet owners really do want after-hours access to veterinary support. They’ve shown us firsthand, and we wanted to pass along this information to help you in your decision-making.

If You Haven’t Heard of PetNurse

As mentioned, pet owners want to know that they can count on their veterinary practice to provide virtual care and answer phone calls about pet health concerns, no matter what the hour. The challenge is that practices can’t be there for their clients and patients and provide 24/7 virtual care without hiring additional staff or extending hours of operation. As a result, practices can miss out on key appointment opportunities, and in the challenging economic climate created by COVID-19, maintaining an optimal schedule of appointments is an important revenue consideration.
Working as an extension of your veterinary practice, PetNurse provides your clients with instant after-hours telehealth triage support to provide pet owners with safe, appropriate, and timely assessments of their pets’ health over the phone. Our team of live Registered Veterinary Nurses use trusted Clinical Protocols to evaluate the severity of the situation, determine urgency, and specify clear next steps.
Practices can trust PetNurse to support their clients by covering all after-hours calls and diverting non-urgent health issues back to the practice instead of losing appointments and procedures to 24/7 emergency hospitals. Without PetNurse case notes and reporting, practices often do not have visibility into after-hours pet health concerns and may not know which clients are seeking after-hours care with other providers (e.g. after-hours emergency hospitals). PetNurse provides full visibility and allows for better health outcomes and continuity of care for patients.

What Else Sets PetNurse Apart From Competing Services?

PetNurse can also manage after-hours calls for practices that use on-call veterinarians. PetNurse provides practices with an online portal for managing which veterinarian is on call for a given time period. PetNurse handles all after-hours calls and the on-call veterinarian is only transferred the after-hours calls that are triaged as urgent. This significantly reduces the after-hours call volumes and improves the work-life balance of the on-call veterinarians while simultaneously improving overall patient health and client satisfaction.
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