4 Ways Virtual Care Is Freeing up Time for Veterinarians and Their Staff

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With veterinary practices being busier than ever, having the right telemedicine solution to optimize practice efficiencies means having a system that leverages technology to free up valuable time and resources. Here are four ways that the complete telehealth solution Petriage frees up time and boosts efficiency for veterinarians and their staff:

1. AI-driven teletriage tool

Inefficient process: Without a teletriage tool, clients with a pet health concern must make a call to their clinic and must make the call during a clinic’s hours of operation. A receptionist answering the phone must triage the concern to determine urgency and schedule an appointment, but  a receptionist may have little to no medical background for triaging and not know proper clinical protocols for determining urgency.
Efficient process: With Petriage, clients with a pet health concern can use Petriage’s AI-driven Symptom Checker any time—day or night—to determine the urgency of the concern and a corresponding time range for receiving care. If a triage outcome is not an emergency, the client (or the clinic) can then initiate an eConsult—virtual consultation. This frees up time, since the staff does not have to triage the client over the phone and the triage data is automatically stored in the PIMS medical records.

2. Asynchronous virtual telemedicine consultations

Synchronous chat means two people (a veterinarian and a client, for example) are speaking with each other at the same time (or in sync), whether in-person, by phone, or by video chat.
Asynchronous chat allows two people to share information, whether through text messages, images, or video clips, but both parties do not need to be present and share information at the same time.
Inefficient process: Whether in-clinic or virtual, synchronous communications can naturally present scheduling challenges for veterinarians or team members and create time inefficiencies for busy practices. Also, using an exam room or other physical space for dedicated client conversations is not an efficient use of resources.
Efficient process: In an asynchronous chat, a veterinarian does not need to respond in real time and can communicate according to their schedule and the urgency of the situation. Also, a client can share images or videos and a description of their pet’s health issue at their convenience instead of trying to capture symptoms on a live video consultation. A member of the veterinary health care team then has time to review the information and provide consultation through the chat within an appropriate timeframe, providing a flexible method of telehealth support that improves efficiency, saves time, and does not use up valuable practice resources.

3. Automated Remote Monitoring

Inefficient process: Having a client and patient physically come into a clinic for re-checks is an inefficient use of time for both practices and pet owners when a pet is improving.
Efficient process: Petriage schedules remote monitoring appointments using eCheck. When a client is sent a Petriage eCheck, the first thing the client is asked is if their pet is improving, or if their pet is the same or worse. If the pet is not improving, they’re asked to answer optional follow-up questions about their pet’s condition, after which they may join a chat session similar to an eConsult where the veterinarian can advise on next steps or request more information. eChecks provide a much more efficient way of conducting post-care follow-ups while increasing compliance.

4. PIMS integration for automatic medical record keeping

Inefficient process: Manually capturing and transcribing triage, consult, and re-check data into PIMS medical records costs practices time and reduces efficiency.
Efficient process: Petriage uses the power of PIMS integration to automatically sync triage, consult, and re-check data for seamless medical records keeping. PIMS integration saves your staff time and improves overall practice efficiency, making it easy for any practice to integrate virtual care.

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