Even if we didn’t offer custom designed WebDVM websites to market practices more effectively, the following would still be true:

With more people visiting your practice website and fewer people visiting your physical location because of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and lingering physical distancing concerns, your practice website—now more than ever—must:

  • accurately reflect the unique style and personality of your practice, with strong visual appeal and user-friendly function to build trust and engagement
  • include ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) so pet owners can more easily find your website on Google
  • contain information that pet owners are looking for, with fresh information added on a regular basis to drive website traffic and further increase SEO


Addressing these three keys:

  • WebDVM websites are complete with a suite of industry leading pet health content and online resources, which solidify your website’s position as the go-to source of trusted pet owner information. To make ongoing content easier for practices, relevant weekly news for pet owners is automatically posted to all editions of WebDVM custom veterinary websites (Core, Plus, and Pro), which saves time and improves practice efficiency.
  • With Google Certified account management and ongoing search engine optimization, each WebDVM website is optimized to help pet owners find your practice
  • With user-friendly navigation and mobile-ready design, each WebDVM website is custom designed to reach pet owners where they consume information, book more appointments, and communicate important practice information.

Given that content is so integral to website traffic, customer engagement, and ongoing SEO, many WebDVM clients also choose VetScribe, custom, ready-to-use pet health content.

If your current website provider similarly offers all the above features and options, that’s great! If not, Lifelearn is committed to helping practices thrive. So, we would be remiss in not telling you something.

Right now until June 30th, 2020, we’re offering WebDVM custom veterinary websites free for the first two months and waiving all design fees.

Our proven 3-step setup process means all we need to get started is a quick call to learn more about who you are as a practice and your website goals, then a review call to make sure we fully captured your website vision.

Find out more about WebDVM before June 30th.

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