In their April 8th, 2020 Benchmark Data report “How COVID-19 Is Impacting Sales and Marketing Performance,” Hubspot examined aggregated data from its global customer base of over 70,000 companies to understand how business metrics are shifting in response to the coronavirus pandemic. And their findings help shed light on a central question currently facing all businesses: How do I navigate the economic uncertainty?
The good news: People are still looking to engage with businesses. With more people at home in observance of physical distancing, website traffic is up. In March 2020, the average monthly website traffic increased for businesses by 13% compared to the previous month.
The shift: People are currently less inclined to spend money. In the week beginning March 16th, 2020, for example, companies sent 23% more sales emails compared to prior weekly averages in the first three months of 2020. Yet response rates by customers totalled a 27% average decrease compared to February. Overall, sales for companies fell globally by an average of 21% compared to previous first-quarter averages, with the most noticeable decreases happening in March 2020.
The disparity between website traffic and sales led Hubspot CMO Kipp Bodnar to suggest, “your customers may be more interested in learning and education right now,” and that providing educational information shows sensitivity to customer needs, which nurtures engagement and long-term customer relationships. And according to the Harvard Business Review, customer relationships are cornerstone to helping businesses outlast the coronavirus.

What This Means for Practices

Engaging pet owners with educational information naturally means providing website pet health information. Even though your clinic may be experiencing fewer appointments or calls, pet owners still have all kinds of questions about pet health, from COVID-19 concerns about pets and physical distancing or pet supplies and crisis preparedness to seasonal questions about flea and tick protection.
Providing regular website content that answers client questions both strengthens client engagement and drives repeat website visits, which keeps your practice foremost in the minds of pet owners and provides for economic rebound. Google also favors websites that frequently post new content. So, providing fresh regular website content helps improve your website’s ranking in search engines, and ranking directly correlates to growth and profitability for any business.
Under normal circumstances, the challenge for practices in website content creation is always time. And under the extraordinary pressures and changing protocols caused by COVID-19, time can be at even more of a premium when patients come first. Plus, there’s the question of setting aside time for self-care, endorsed by the WHO and AVMA as important to help veterinary teams combat COVID-19 burnout.
At LifeLearn Animal Health, we’re committed to helping practices remain strong. To help veterinary teams educate and engage pet owners while saving practices time to remain focused on patients and self-care, LifeLearn offers VetScribe, custom, ready-to-use pet health content.
With years of animal health industry experience, LifeLearn’s VetScribe writers are uniquely qualified to write engaging, high-quality content that practices can use on their website. VetScribe custom pet health content delivers exactly the kind of information that pet owners search for, which enhances search engine results to improve online discovery and traffic to your practice website. VetScribe custom content can also be used in practice emails, newsletters, blogs, and all across practice social channels.
The key to effective VetScribe content is a wide scope of topics that address the type of information that pet owners seek. In addition to easy-to-understand wellness content, VetScribe delivers simple pet-care tips and veterinary recommendations.
Vetscribe delivers 12 custom articles per year with the Pro edition of WebDVM, and is also available as a stand-alone package of 6.
With a suite of online resources, WebDVM improves practice efficiency and positions your practice as the go-to source of trusted information. Each website is search engine optimized to attract new pet owners and custom designed to convert site visitors into clients. With user-friendly navigation and mobile-ready design, WebDVM enables current and prospective clients to find and explore your site with ease.

The First Two Months Are on Us

To support your practice while you and your team support your clients and patients, we’re now offering WebDVM free for the first two months. In addition to this, we’re also waiving all design fees for this Practice Support Offer to further ease the financial strain during this time.
*Vetscribe as a standalone product is not included with this Practice Support Offer.
If you’re not interested in VetScribe but still interested in the advantages of WebDVM, our special Practice Support Offer also applies to the Core and Plus editions of WebDVM.
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Our Practice Support Offer is only on until June 30th, 2020.
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