GUELPH, ON – December 3, 2019 – LifeLearn Animal Health today announced a collaboration with IGNITE Veterinary Solutions to provide IGNITE’s Veterinary members with a simple and seamless way to use LifeLearn Sofie directly from IGNITE.

“We’re thrilled by the opportunity to collaborate with IGNITE to make it easy for IGNITE members to use Sofie,” says Dr. Mark Stephenson, Chief Veterinary Officer at LifeLearn, which finalized its partnership with IGNITE in the spring of 2019. “Collaborating with IGNITE is a natural fit that aligns with LifeLearn’s ultimate goal of helping advance pet health and education worldwide. To that end, LifeLearn is optimistic that Sofie will offer great value to the members of IGNITE.”

As a sophisticated web app, Sofie is the next generation of instant digital access to current and trusted veterinary information. Fully optimized for desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices, Sofie delivers highly relevant results by querying over 40,000 pages of content from the most trusted and credible veterinary textbooks, journals and conference proceedings, all housed within Sofie’s extensive online information library.

The key to Sofie’s leading-edge technology is IBM Watson®, an innovative, cognitive computing system that uses augmented intelligence to rapidly search and deliver veterinary medical information, from differentials and drug information to diagnostic and treatment advice.

Designed to respond to natural-language questions, Sofie delivers results based on context instead of just keywords and guarantees that Sofie will retrieve the most relevant results on searches. And since Sofie includes ongoing updates, Sofie users always have the latest information at their fingertips to support the best possible diagnosis and treatment decisions.

IGNITE, an all-female and veterinarian-owned company, specializes in role-specific skills training for veterinary teams, and case-based training for veterinarians and veterinary students. IGNITE’s Veterinarian and Practice Owner Learning Communities, which will host Sofie, provide doctors access to multiple board-certified specialists to review your challenging cases, short how-to videos, RACE-approved CE, capsule reports, and best practices. All comments and interactions are moderated closely by IGNITE’s team of experts. Just like Sofie, all of IGNITE’s content can be accessed with a lightning-fast keyword search.

“I created IGNITE to give veterinarians and veterinary staff a new way to learn so they have the tools and knowledge they need to deliver the best outcomes for their patients and clients,” says IGNITE CEO, Dr. Jill Clark. “I’m excited to add Sofie to the IGNITE Learning Community for Veterinarians and Practice Owners, as it will round out our offering and make our original vision come true.”


About LifeLearn

Celebrating 25 years of continuing innovation and excellence, LifeLearn Inc. provides education and communications products and services to the veterinary profession, animal health organizations. LifeLearn’s award-winning competencies in digital media, combined with longstanding veterinary content expertise, have delivered sophisticated offerings to veterinarians to optimize their practices, including: WebDVM, custom veterinary websites; ClientEd; client education resource; and Sofie, the advanced veterinary medical search tool. And for 20 years, animal health corporations have relied on LifeLearn to provide veterinary-focussed education, digital marketing, and meetings agency services to optimize their businesses. LifeLearn was named one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies from 2015 to 2017 by PROFIT 500 and GROWTH 500 in 2018.


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IGNITE, established in 2016, is a global learning community led by experts. IGNITE focuses on five job roles in the hospital – Practice Managers, Customer Service Representatives, Practice Owners, Technicians, and Veterinarians. IGNITE training includes instructor-led, e-learning, RACE-approved CE, and microlearning. In addition, IGNITE has thousands of resources that are downloadable and customizable. IGNITE realizes that veterinary medicine can be a lonely profession. Our communities unite people in similar roles across the globe that would otherwise never connect. In addition, IGNITE creates high-end custom animation and video content for veterinary companies and consolidators.

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