Did you know that you can use LifeLearn ClientEd to create seasonal pet health email campaigns to help increase appointments for your practice? In the first of a three-part blog series, we’ll show you how to easily create pet health email campaigns to help increase profitability for your practice and ultimately improve pet health with minimal effort and time. 


Here’s why pet health email campaigns can be so effective.

Veterinarians and animal health professionals know that high-quality client education information is key to client compliance and better patient outcomes. With over 2,000 handouts written and reviewed/updated by practice expertsClientEd helps improve client compliance by providing veterinary teams with access to one of the industry’s largest and most trusted pet health libraries, designed specifically for effective client education. Yet ClientEd articles can be used for more than single post-appointment handouts. ClientEd articles can be used proactively as grouped information to create pet health email campaigns to help increase appointments.

Here’s an example:

With summer in full swing, pet owners generally become more aware of the importance of vaccinating their pets against rabies and other seasonal disease risks through online stories and social posts. This means that pet owners have a compelling reason to visit your practice to have their pets vaccinated. By sending ClientEd articles about the importance of pet vaccination, you leverage timely interest and more easily incentivize clients to make an appointment with your practice sooner rather than later. 

So, how do you quickly search ClientEd’s library of over 2,000 articles to find articles that fit your pet health email campaign? 


Perform a Simple Search

After you log in to ClientEdlocate the search bar at the upper left-hand side of the screen and simply type in keywords or phrases that apply to your email campaign. If you’re creating a pet health email campaign for vaccination, for example, you can key in “vaccination” and the page will display a list of articles about vaccination applicable to dogs and cats, including: 

  • Vaccines for Cats
  • Rabies in Dogs
  • Indoor Dogs and Infectious Diseases
  • Indoor Cats and Infectious Diseases 
  • And more

To refine your search and find articles specific to one species, simply include the species name in your search phrase. Key in “vaccination dogs” in the search bar, for example, and ClientEd displays only the articles that apply to dogs. 

Search ClientEd -1

Save Your Searches Directly in the ClientEd Portal

To make things quicker and more efficient, ClientEd includes the My Favorites feature inside the ClientEd portal. With My Favorites, you can easily save the articles you want to use in one or more campaignsYou can then use My Favorites to easily locate the articles you found so you don’t have to spend time searching for them again. 

To save an article under My Favorites:

  1. Select the article you wish to save by clicking the title from the search results list. 
  2. Scroll down roughly halfway on the page and click the green Add to Favorites button on the left-hand side of the page.
  3. After the page refreshes, scroll back down about halfway on the page and you should see a direct link to the article under My Favorites on the left-hand side of the page.

After that, simply click on the article link to open it again. 

Save to Favorites


Save Your Searches to Send Email Campaigns from Your PIMS or Office Email System Like Outlook or Gmail

When searching ClientEd, you may be looking for articles for a single pet health email campaign. Yet during your search, you may discover articles that inspire future campaigns (e.g. a heartworm awareness campaign). 

To find and send a shareable article link (or links to more than one article), you could simply go to your practice website, search for the title of the article you wish to share, open the article, copy the article URL, and paste it into an email. That’s always a quick option if you’re sending out a pet health email campaign right away and don’t need to remember an article name or URL at a later date. 

If you are planning to send your email campaign days or weeks down the road, you can always copy the article titles and URLs you want to use into a Word document or text file from your practice website, then paste URLs into the body text of the email you will be sending from your PIMS or office email system. 

Writing the Pet Health Campaign Email

Once you’ve gathered articles that support your pet health campaign, the next step is to drop those links into an email with a subject line and short content that provides a timely and compelling reason for pet owners to open the email and click those links to ultimately make an immediate appointment with your practice. 

How do you write that email? 

We’ll walk you through how to do it in our next blog. (Don’t worry. It’s not time-consuming, long, or complicated.) We’ll even show you in blog #3 how a simple pet health email campaign helps drive improved traffic to your practice website to boost pet-owner engagement. 

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