Communication is most effective when it’s a two-way street, and research shows just how effective. In a recent study by Twilio85% of people worldwide prefer two-way text messaging with businesses over simple direct messaging. That is, 85% of people want to not only receive a message from a business but also answer a message from a business. 

The Twilio study also found that:

  • Across all generations, people prefer text messaging at least 300% more than face-to-face communications 
  • Millennials prefer text messaging 800% more than face-to-face communications 
  • Less than half of businesses have the technology in place to fulfill the preference for two-way text communication with people 

To improve client engagement, optimize communications, and strengthen client loyalty, two-way texting is now available for the ALLYDVM Communication + Retention System

Trusted by Zoetis, Elanco, and Merck Animal Health, ALLYDVM is one of the veterinary industry’s most powerful and customizable software solutions for improved client communications, engagement, and profitability. According to Veterinary Advantage, one group of practices saw a 17.9% drop in missed appointments and $59,000 in additional revenue over nine months after using ALLYDVM. 

ALLYDVM’s industry-leading Retention Calendar automatically tracks appointment opportunities, and built-in system prompts make it simple for your staff to send out appointment reminders with automated email, postcard communications, and text messages. 

If you’re currently using ALLYDVM, the addition of two-way texting does not change the way you’re used to using and managing ALLYDVM direct text messaging. Apart from enabling two-way chat functionality with clients in real time: 

  • You can still use, edit, and customize pre-set message templates to suit the needs and personality of your practice, and save templates for repeated use in future client communications 
  • You can still attach images to messages 
  • You can still change the order of message templates and prioritize message templates that you frequently use 

In other words, you can continue to use and enjoy all the ALLYDVM messaging features that you know:

  • Communicate appointment reminders and other important information like surgery status to pet owners in real time. 
  • Track, manage, and resend appointment reminders to optimize appointments and empower improved practice profitability. 
  • Manage all client messaging in one place with a built-in text message chat console. 
  • Receive notifications of new messages while messaging with other clients. 
  • Easily change the phone number for any individual client. 

All that’s really changed is your options for strengthening client relationships and increasing practice profitability with the addition of ALLYDVM two-way texting. 

See how simple it is to optimize your practice communications to improve client engagement. 

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