With new and technologically sophisticated apps appearing on the market every day to help practices boost appointments, it may surprise you to hear that pet appointment reminders sent and managed through two-way texting apps can reach more pet owners to help improve clinic profitability.

What kind of appointment increase can your practice expect from two-way texting?

The answer begins with a quick look at some pet-ownership statistics.

(Yes, statistics can be a bit dull, but they show that we’re not just making stuff up.) 🙂

  • According to research by Hitwise, the mean average age of dog owners is 5 years old, and the mean average age of cat owners is 59.5 years old.

With that age demographic in mind, let’s next look at three quick stats about technology in order to put texting and more pet appointments into better focus:

  1. According to Statista, 5% of people age 45-64 do not use the internet.
  2. According to the Pew Research Center, 94% of people age 50-64 own a mobile device and 97% of smartphone users text regularly.
  3. According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), more adults age 50 or older use smartphones than laptops, desktops, or tablets.

When you juxtapose the three tech stats with the mean average age of pet owners, you wind up with a picture that looks like this:

Nearly 10% of people don’t have an email account because they don’t use the internet. Or they have an email account but rarely (if ever) check it. Since pet owners are just people, it’s reasonable to conclude that up to 10% of your clients (or more) are not seeing your clinic’s pet-appointment email reminders. Yet the prime demographic of pet owners has embraced smartphones more than the other leading forms of communication and use texting regularly, which means one thing.

By sending appointment reminders to pet owners in a timely and effective manner using two-way texting, you naturally stand to reach more pet owners to increase appointments and clinic profitability.

To accomplish this, the ALLYDVM Communication + Retention System makes it simple with the addition of two-way texting.

ALLYDVM two-way texting is part of ALLYDVM’s customizable and automated communication system, designed specifically to meet the needs of veterinary practices. ALLYDVM two-way texting allows practices a fast and easy way to communicate appointment reminders and other important information like surgery status to pet owners in real time. ALLYDVM two-way texting also gives practices a simple way to track, manage, and resend appointment reminders to optimize appointments and empower improved practice profitability.

Why would you choose ALLYDVM two-way texting over just texting appointment reminders to clients using regular texting?

Even though regular texting apps keep lists of contacts and allow two-way communications, they’re basically designed for one-one-one communications. There’s no simple, centralized way to keep track of communications and manage them all to make sure you’re contacting and following up with clients in a timely manner to optimize appointment reminders, and each message takes time to manually type.

ALLYDVM two-way texting comes with pre-written text message templates, which you can edit to suit the needs and personality of your practice and save for repeated use in future client appointment reminders or other communications. You can also add to the list of pre-written text message templates and change the order of templates. Plus, you can attach images to text messages, and ALLYDVM will use an area code that matches your practice’s area code or an area code nearby.

If it all sounds like a lot to manage, it’s not.

ALLYDVM two-way texting means simplicity.

If you’ve used a unified communication platform like Microsoft Teams, ALLYDVM two-way texting manages client communications in a similar way by managing all client messaging in one place with a built-in text message chat console. You can easily change the phone number for any individual client. You’ll receive notifications of new messages while texting with other clients. You’ll have clear visibility into the ten most recent client conversations. Up to 25 most recent unread client messages will show up in the text chat view, and you can see whether messages have been read by a member of your team.

ALLYDVM two-way texting also allows you to capture past messaging and track who’s using the system. All practice-client text conversations are captured in the text message chat console, and you or your team members will be able to go back and reference communications.

See how simple it is to use ALLYDVM two-way texting to reach more pet owners and boost appointments.

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