National Veterinary Technician Week

Veterinary technicians may not appear to have much in common with Wonder Woman or Batman. Yet vet technicians are superheroes in their own right by their dedication to the health and well-being of pets everywhere. That’s why clinics across the U.S. have been participating in National Veterinary Technician Week since 1993 as an opportunity to honor the commitment, compassion and hard work that veterinary technicians provide on a daily basis.
As the animal-health equivalent of registered nurses, veterinary technicians typically perform a wide range of daily tasks to ensure that patients receive the best possible care and attention, including:

  • administering medications, vaccines and treatments prescribed by a veterinarian.
  • preparing animals and instruments for surgery, as well as assisting in surgery.
  • taking and developing x-rays and performing laboratory tests.
  • providing nursing care and emergency first aid to recovering or injured animals.
  • bathing animals and clipping nails or claws.
  • restraining animals during exams or procedures.
  • collecting and maintaining patient records, and so much more.

While veterinary technicians commonly work in private clinics and animal hospitals, vet technicians are also critical to the health and well-being of animals in rescue shelters and zoos. Plus, as animal welfare advocates, veterinary technicians help improve compliance and can even attract new clients to a clinic.
In recognition of all they do, vet technicians usually aren’t looking for earth-stopping rewards, like a free trip to the Bahamas or the chance to take the Batmobile for a spin (as much as many people would enjoy an opportunity like that). Like veterinarians, vet technicians are fundamentally motivated by their love of animals. So their daily opportunity to make a difference in the lives of animals (and their owners) already has its rewards. Yet as their work often goes unsung, and given the physical and emotional demands of their profession, a little can go a long way in showing your vet tech the spirit of National Veterinary Technician Week.
Here are five simple ways to show your veterinary technicians that you appreciate all they do:

Write a Thank-You Note

On its own, saying thank you to your vet technician already means a lot. However, when you write your thanks into a note (meaning actual paper), your thanks become extra special in a time when more people opt to send texts and emails than leave handwritten notes.

Surprise Them With Snacks

Whether your vet technicians are in the habit of grabbing a coffee and donut on the way to work, a box of free donuts, muffins or other delicious treats is always a welcome sight in clinic break rooms—made all the more special by wrapping the box in a simple ribbon or crowning it with a bow. Order a variety of treats to allow people the enjoyment of trying things they may not normally order on their own, and to accentuate the sense of celebration, bring in enough so that people have the option of indulging in seconds.

Acknowledge Your Superhero Team on Social Media

Celebrate the hard work and contributions of your veterinary technicians by thanking them on your social channels. Whether posting a few written lines of thanks or uploading photos of them with patients, when you publicly celebrate your veterinary technicians, you show the care-centered, human quality of your practice, which resonates with pet owners.


Streamers, balloons and other decorations hung in your lobby are an easy and colorful way to show your vet techs some love while also showing clients that you’re the awesome veterinarian who didn’t forget National Veterinary Technician Week.

Hand Out Fun Gifts

T-shirts, coffee mugs and similar gifts are a fun and budget-friendly way to say thanks to vet technicians while acknowledging their often-challenging roles in animal healthcare.
A few favorite T-shirt and coffee-mug sayings that we found online:

  • “Veterinary Technician, Because Multi-Tasking Ninja Is Not an Actual Job Title.”
  • “I’m a Vet Tech. What’s Your Superpower?”
  • “Being a vet tech is easy. It’s like riding a bike… 23 bikes at the same time… and the bikes are on fire… and did I mention the bear?”

Please join us from October 14th- 20th in celebrating veterinary technicians for all the hard work they do daily to improve the overall health of animals everywhere!


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