Pet owners operate in an increasingly digital age with technological innovations designed to connect, inspire, and assist them in record time. So why not go digital at your veterinary clinic?
There are plenty of ways to incorporate the convenience of the digital world at your practice. When you rely on the industry’s best tools and learn to streamline veterinary operations, you’ll become better equipped to care for animals—and save a lot of time doing it.
We’ve put together a list of 4 ways that going digital can optimize your practice

1. Expand your reach

Developing your online presence is one of the most powerful things you can do to grow your practice this year, given that it is such a simple and affordable way to boost client acquisition and retention.
It’s no secret—pet owners are actively searching for pet health answers on social media and sometimes even seeking advice from the dreaded Dr. Google. Make sure they’re getting accurate, helpful information to prevent inadequate treatment of potential pet health issues by sharing your trusted veterinary content online.

2. Save valuable time

When it comes to making accurate recommendations, how much time have you invested rifling through veterinary textbooks and hardcopy medical journals to find all the right resource materials?
Maybe it’s time to streamline your diagnostics process with a decision support tool like Sofie. Our trusted veterinary reference tool combines over 40,000 pages from the industry’s best textbooks, journals, and conference proceedings to eliminate the need for tedious, manual searching.
Going digital in the education space allows you to optimize your workflow and improve patient outcomes with quick, mobile access to the most accurate information available.

3. Improve the client experience

An optimized workflow is a beautiful thing, especially when all it takes is one forgotten appointment to knock your entire schedule off kilter.
If you’re still leaning on paper and manual phone call appointment reminders, consider digitizing the process. Automation is key to improving customer service because it helps you better cover your bases when things get hectic.
When pet owners are reminded of appointments by email, text message and old school paper methods, they’re less likely to forget-and your calendar can stay intact. Phew!

4. Save money

You’re probably wondering, this all sounds great but at what cost? People tend to think that all technological advancements come with a hefty price tag and while that may true of some systems, it’s entirely possible to stick to your budget by investing in only the most effective tools to best suit your practice.
Plus, compared to traditional models, the rise of digital media has actually brought down client acquisition costs. Consider the amount of time and capital saved by the impact of digitization and you’ll find the benefits far outweigh the initial investment.
So if your team is ready to more effectively diagnose, treat, and heal beloved pets in a single bound—unleash the lightning fast speed of digitization at your practice!
Want to go digital, without the fuss? Visit our website to learn more about easily transitioning to Sofie’s trusted veterinary resource database.