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Access the best veterinary reference material in seconds with Sofie –
a lightning fast decision support tool for veterinary teams.

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Veterinary teams rely on reference material from textbooks, medical journals, and conference proceedings to diagnose, and treat patients every day. This means that they need to remember where to find the information and try to access it quickly at the point of care…not so easy to do in a busy practice.

Meet Sofie.

Sofie is a reference-based information tool providing unparalleled decision support for veterinarians who put pets first. With over 40,000 pages from the best veterinary textbooks, journals, and conference proceedings in one powerful database, search multiple sources at once to find the most relevant information.
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Improve the Health of Your Patients and Your Practice

Our clinical studies have shown that using Sofie provided faster access to more accurate information, reduced the time required to manually scan through textbooks, and most importantly, improved patient outcomes. Can Sofie help optimize your practice? Contact our sales team to learn more!

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With Sofie You Can:


Optimize your practice workflow, saving time and costs
Sofie gives you access to the best veterinary reference material in seconds, on your desktop or mobile, from virtually anywhere. Practice users can also be logged-in with two devices simultaneously, for the ultimate flexibility while working.


Stay current with the latest veterinary information
Sofie was created by veterinarians, for veterinarians, using only the most well known, reliable, and trustworthy resources possible to ensure the most relevant and accurate results. You’ll have the latest information as new editions and proceedings become available, eliminating the need to source multiple individual print and digital resources.


Get-ahead with cutting-edge technology for veterinarians
Sofie leverages Watson – an innovative and leading cognitive computing system – to search across its knowledge base of the most current, credible, and trusted veterinary textbooks and published material from key journals and conferences.


Experience Sofie for Yourself

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