You are a veterinarian, a scientist, as well as a caregiver. You understand that the right conditions are required to support a healthy life. In the same way, your veterinary practice needs a balanced and supported environment to see it succeed. That’s why we have created the LifeLearn ECOsystem. It’s an environment rich with expertise, digital solutions, helpful resources, care and support – everything you need to help your practice thrive.
As Randy Valpy, president and CEO of LifeLearn describes, “Our goal is to always help improve the overall health of veterinary practices by identifying or ‘diagnosing’ issues, and providing a range of ‘treatments’ that empower the practice to better attract, educate, develop, engage with and retain clients. We start with where we know practices are experiencing the most pain and discomfort today, and our solutions and expertise build from there…”
LifeLearn’s ECOsystem is designed to provide a suite of solutions that veterinary teams can use to more effectively educate and communicate with clients, and optimize how their veterinary practice operates – that’s what the E, C and O in the ECOsystem signify.
From an education perspective, LifeLearn has a history in adult learning, having evolved out of the continuing education department of the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph, Ontario. LifeLearn’s ClientEd platform features a comprehensive online library of over 1,800 pet health articles written and reviewed by practitioners and animal health experts, and designed specifically for effective client education in veterinary practices. The veterinary practice ECOsystem also offers a host of free education resources available here, for practice managers and veterinary teams to use to get up to speed on a host of topics related to overall practice health. LifeLearn will continue to create and add new resources – including webinars, post-able and shareable articles, and campaign materials – that practices can use for social media, team training, and to incorporate into their own websites.
Next, LifeLearn’s veterinary practice communication  solutions include customized websites and a client communication system that integrates fully with the practice’s existing practice management software. According to Mark Stephenson, chief veterinary officer for LifeLearn, “These solutions address the fact that most practices are pet-care centric and 100% focused on the daily task of looking after the clients who are already coming through their doors. By automating client communications, and at the same time making these touch-points more flexible, customized and reliable, we offer the ability to spend less time sending things like reminders, and more time working with patients.”
“Finally, we also focus on practice optimization”, adds Valpy. “…Because we recognize that the veterinary practice’s productivity and profitability really goes hand in hand.” The retention calendar, mobile app, loyalty program (and above-mentioned communications system) that LifeLearn offers in partnership with ALLYDVM, are a suite of integrated technology solutions that work together to help veterinary teams truly optimize most of the customer-facing tasks within their practice.

Providing Animal Health Solutions

“We’re not just offering commodities, like out of the box websites, content and training,” said Stephenson. “We’re applying our unique understanding, expertise and depth of experience in both animal health and adult learning to create solutions that put the latest and best information and technologies into the hands of veterinary teams. Our job isn’t done until our veterinary practice clients are seeing higher levels of customer compliance, increased client acquisition, are creating stronger client engagement, and are developing more profitable relationships with pet owners through the robust information and digital solutions we provide.” He explained, “For the most part, these are LifeLearn designed solutions, and sometimes they’re enriched by partnerships with other like-minded and innovative companies like ALLYDVM.”

The LifeLearn ECOsystem also supports veterinary practices with a customer care team that truly understands how practices run and the technology solutions they need to be more successful. This means that when veterinary practices become immersed in the LifeLearn ECOsystem, they have the advantage of working with a single organization that gets to know their operation and team, while they gradually advance their operation’s effectiveness and experience the positive impacts that each solution delivers.
Valpy is excited about where the company is going in the future, as even more education, communication and optimization solutions for veterinary clients will be launched in 2018. And, because LifeLearn understands the evolving needs and challenges that teams and organizations in animal health face, distinct ECOsystems have also been developed for companies and organizations that focus on the industry and pet services.
Valpy adds, “Each of these ECOsystems brings together custom digital solutions and technologies, animal health expertise, highly-trained and accredited specialists, support services, and powerful content to create an environment to ensure that people, enterprises and animals thrive.”