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LifeLearn’s Veterinary Practice ECOsystem features education solutions and resources that are robust and totally unique in the pet health marketplace. That’s because they’re researched, written, and designed by a team of veterinarians and animal health communicators.

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Your veterinary team cares about the treatment you provide to pets and the support you provide to their owners. That’s also why you’re always searching for the best education, tools, and reference materials to remain current, and how to put the latest, most practical information in your clients’ hands.

Increasing client compliance with your recommendations and advice is critical for better pet health outcomes, but it’s also pivotal to the success of your bottom line. That’s why, at LifeLearn, education is not only part of our legacy, it’s at the heart of everything we do.

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Your Client Education Resource

ClientEd is a learning platform that features a comprehensive online library of over 2,000 pet health articles written and reviewed by practitioners and animal health experts, and designed specifically for effective client education.  Backed by established adult learning strategies, our mission is to help pet owners – because when they understand their pet’s health, they’re more likely to comply with your treatment recommendations.

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Continuing Education

Building on our legacy of Continuing Education, LifeLearn will be returning to its roots by launching brand new Continuing Education services and programs in 2018. Get the most up to date information on this new initiative by signing up for the LifeLearn Newsletter.

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LifeLearn Sofie

The Most Advanced Veterinary Medical Search Tool

LifeLearn Sofie is the next generation of digital access to current medical information. LifeLearn has assembled 23 of the best veterinary textbooks into a searchable database, allowing you to search multiple texts at once to find the most relevant information for your case. Sofie will also contain conference proceedings, journal articles, and videos to further expand its knowledge base.

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