Working in animal care can be pretty chaotic, and with so much on your plate, it’s tempting to put social media on the back burner.
That said, social media is critical to your marketing strategy because it’s an inexpensive means of connecting with pet owners online to build and maintain your clientele.
So what if there was a way to speed things up?
We’ve put together some efficiency tips to help streamline your social media efforts. Give this blog a quick read to learn how to rock your social in less time—so you can stay focused on treating pets.

#1. Take advantage of a content calendar.

Invest less time on your veterinary social, without sacrificing the quality of your content, by using a content calendar to plan what you want to post.
Much like a standard calendar, you’ll use this to track pet holidays, community events, and other important dates. The difference? You’ll also input social media posts, prepared in advance, on specific dates for publication.
Content calendars are a quick way to organize your ideas, keep track of important seasonal campaigns, and prioritize client education. A little investment upfront will save you heaps of time in the long run!

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#2. Plan ahead—use a scheduling tool.

Once your content is set-up in the calendar, you’re ready for the next step—scheduling your posts ahead of time for automatic publication. After all, why waste your time manually posting content to each individual platform?
Here at LifeLearn, we understand the importance of sticking to a schedule at your veterinary practice—that’s why we designed our scheduling tool to suit your unique needs.
As part of the LifeLearn ECOsystem, the WebDVM scheduling feature helps cut down on your day-to-day stress by allowing you to schedule your social, blog, and web content—all in one place, for every social media platform.

#3. Integrate different social platforms to share content simultaneously.

It can get overwhelming trying to stay on top of all your practice’s different social media accounts, but here’s a little secret—you can integrate certain platforms to save even more time!
For example, you can enable your Instagram account to post directly to your Facebook page. Once you do, each time you post new photos on Instagram, it’ll appear on Facebook too. Now that’s a great shortcut!

#4. Use shortcuts to find content.

The internet is a big place—and as a veterinary team you don’t have time to waste scouring the web for new content to share. Instead, keep tabs on trending content that will resonate with pet owners.
Want to make it even easier? Let us do the footwork! With WebDVM Social, you’ll get weekly emails with pre-written social media content based on the best pet finds from around the web—all you have to do is click post.

#5. Avoid perfectionism.

When you care about your practice’s reputation, the impulse to make everything perfect is understandable, but far too time consuming. Plus, perfectionism can stifle your creativity.
Social media doesn’t have to be as polished as your veterinary website or blog, so use it to show some personality, and have fun connecting with your audience.
So it looks like the secret is out! When your practice uses social media more efficiently, you can better engage pet owners, saving time for what matters most—pet care.

Ready to streamline your social media? WebDVM Social has everything you need and is included with all of our websites packages—book a demo today!