(This article was originally posted on May 30, 2014, and has been updated to be even better!)
Stuck on what to post for social media? Hashtags are a great resource for ideas, and can even help you set up recurring social media series to keep your followers involved! Hashtags also act as an immediate search term, which can help make your posts more visible to a wider audience.
For some fun ideas on what to tweet about, check out these popular day-of-the-week Twitter hashtags! They’re a great way to invite your followers to post something on the subject, and to retweet for some interaction and engagement.


#MeowMonday: for all things feline! Post pictures of cats, repost adoptable cats, or recommend user accounts with good cat information.
#KittyLoafMonday: this hashtag is for images of cats curled up in the loaf position, with tail and paws all tucked in.
#MondayBlues: perfect for images of pets that look cute but sad. Alternatively, you could post a picture of a pet to help your followers beat the blues!
#MotivationMonday or #MondayMotivation: this is a great way to get the week started on the right foot. Use it with motivational quotations – and bonus points for pet-related sayings! It’s also a popular hashtag on Instagram, so don’t be afraid to branch out.


#TuesdayTreat: this hashtag can refer to just about anything, from drinks and snacks to fancy merchandise. So, as a veterinary practice, share a picture of a pet as a treat for your audience, or show off a pet receiving a treat for good behavior.
#TipTuesday: this is a great way to share helpful pet advice or tips.
#TongueOutTuesday: perfect for those cute photos of dogs (or cats) with their tongues out!
#TransformationTuesday: this is great for inspiring before-and-after photos. Think formerly obese pets who have made lifestyle changes, recovered pets, or renovations to your practice – or add a humorous note to it and show the food bowl before and after the dog got at it.
#CharityTuesday: use this hashtag to share posts and profiles of local charities and shelters, or to share information about events being run by these organizations.


#WoofWednesday or #WoofWoofWednesday: this is the dog counterpart of #MeowMonday.
#WonderfulWednesday: this one is great for sharing happy moments, heartwarming pictures, and warm wishes.
#WednesdayWisdom: this hashtag is perfect for sharing pet health knowledge with your followers – or to put a fun spin on it, you could post pictures of pets with what you think their advice for pet owners would be!
#WaggingWednesday: this delightful hashtag is dedicated to pictures of happy pets (presumably wagging their tails).
#WhiskerWednesday: use this hashtag to show off the faces that pets make, silly or otherwise – or ask pet owners to share their favorites.


#ThrowbackThursday or #TBT: this one is for all things nostalgia. Post a picture of a patient as a puppy or kitten, or dust off your old grad photo!
#ThankfulThursday: share what you – or one or more of your pet patients – are thankful for.


#FridayReads: this hashtag is all about sharing something that you think is good reading for your followers – whether it’s a novel, news item or informative article.
#FunFactFriday: share a relevant or intriguing tidbit for your followers. It’s a great way to relay important pet health information while keeping things interesting!
#FeelGoodFriday: share a photo to make your followers feel good, or share an inspiring story about a rescued pet.
#FridayFunny: this hashtag is for sharing something funny – or, alternatively, showing someone (pet or otherwise) at your practice being funny.
#FluffyFriday: this is great for sharing pictures of your favorite floofs in all their fluffy glory.


#Caturday: it’s true. Saturdays are all about cats on Twitter.


#SelfieSunday: this is for shameless selfies of people and their pets – or, to mix it up, selfies taken by the pets!
#BigDogSunday: this hashtag is great for sharing pictures of big dogs doing what they do best.
#CatBoxSunday: photos of cats in boxes. ‘Nuff said!
#SundayFunday: share what you do for fun with your favorite four-legged friends.
#LazySunday: this is perfect for sharing those lazy Sunday activities with your furry friends.

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