“In an industry where staffing is one of the biggest roadblocks to growth, top performing practices are streamlining their workloads with tools like online scheduling (53%), digital forms (72%), and online procedure information (66%) so their teams can instead focus on helping more patients.”

With pet owners increasingly turning online to find and research pet care providers, the following industry snapshot indicates veterinary practices are following suit, to great success. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, mandatory closures, and patient safety concerns, LifeLearn found that:

  • 51% of respondents reported annual practice revenue of over $1,000,000 in 2021.
  • 58% saw an increase in revenue over the past year despite COVID-19.
  • Despite soaring profits, staffing (78%) and ongoing safety precautions (70%) were ranked as top challenges heading into 2022.
  • Looking at top performing practices who have managed to achieve this while avoiding burnout reveals an early adopter mindset towards technology and automation in their practices.


Through its research, LifeLearn found that top performing practices were much more likely to already be using digital automation tools like online scheduling (53%), online forms (72%), and online information such as procedure information (66%) and educational videos (49%) to reduce calls and administrative tasks so their teams could instead focus on helping more patients.

“In an industry where staffing is one of the biggest roadblocks to growth, top performing practices are streamlining their workload by leveraging technology,” said Kelli Bock, Brand Marketing Manager at LifeLearn.

“In light of this, digital communication and practice management tools have proven essential for any veterinary office looking to explore new ways to continue business growth while battling capacity concerns heading into 2022.”

The company’s recently released 2022 State of Veterinary Marketing report gives insider insight into the strategies of successful Veterinarians, Owners, and Office Managers when it comes to growing their practices and overcoming industry challenges. While individual tactics vary, the common goals are practice efficiency and time saving strategies.

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