How do you get things done more easily when changing practice protocols and the pandemic pet boom may already have you feeling like you’re dancing as fast as you can?

According to popular wisdom, “If you want something done, ask a busy person,” which is certainly paradoxical. After all, how can you possibly get more things done when there are barely enough hours to handle day-to-day business?

This question frames the biggest challenge facing practices in the disrupted veterinary landscape. With practices now spending more time simply managing normal operations (or struggling to keep up), practice teams have come to realize something. To adapt, remain competitive, and maintain work-life balance in a time when “business as usual” no longer works, practices must find solutions to save time and improve efficiency, just like busy people do to get things done, even in challenging times.

What’s Their Secret?


These people make the most of good systems that do the juggling for them. In veterinary medicine, one of these good systems is the client education resource ClientEd by LifeLearn Animal Health.

Here’s why.

ClientEd Saves Time and Improves Efficiency While Improving Compliance


Veterinary teams know that takeaway client education information helps improve compliance. Yet without a centralized source of trusted pet health information to easily provide pet owners with takeaway information, practice teams must spend time hunting around for information, which costs valuable time and reduces practice efficiency.

ClientEd saves practices time and improves efficiency as a unique client education resource that provides veterinary teams with instant access to more than 2,100 illustrated pet health handouts designed for easy pet owner understanding.

Available in hard copy and digital form, all ClientEd handouts (specifically designed for effective client education) are written and reviewed by animal health experts and carefully managed and reviewed to keep information current.

ClientEd Helps California Practices Comply with Lizzie’s Law


To help California veterinary practices easily comply with consultation requirements under Section 4829.5 of the Business and Professions Code (Lizzie’s Law), ClientEd includes over 250 ready-to-use pet medication handouts for clients that cover consultation requirements now required by California law. And LifeLearn continues to update and add medication handouts to ClientEd on a regular basis.

Integration = The ClientEd Difference


ClientEd is the only client education library for veterinary practices that integrates into practice websites (including WebDVM custom veterinary websites) and many of the popular practice management systems. This makes it fast and easy for practice teams to provide clients with pet health information.

ClientEd Usage Tips for Time-Savings and Improved Efficiency


To realize the full scope of ClientEd as a tool for time-savings and improved efficiency, look beyond ClientEd as a library of convenient handouts. A few examples:

  • If your puppy/kitten information packages need updating, use a ClientEd handout with relevant puppy/kitten care topics so you don’t have to create content from scratch.
  • If you’re stuck for a new social post subject, grab an interesting factoid from a ClientEd handout and add “Did you know…?” to the front of it.
  • If your team needs a subject refresher and you don’t have time to prepare material for a lunch and learn, provide team members with a ClientEd handout, which opens the door to discussions about how a subject may be best presented to clients to improve compliance through education.

In the end, ClientEd is more than a trusted and simpler alternative to creating client education information from scratch or relying on often-incorrect information found on Dr. Google. ClientEd is a library of possibilities for educating clients, stimulating team discussions, and strengthening your team’s roles as animal health educators.

See for Yourself


Download one of our free client education kits, which include a selection of timely and relevant ClientEd handouts. If you like what you see, discover more of what ClientEd has to offer.

Try ClientEd free for 30 days—no catch, no commitment.,

We’re confident you’ll quickly see why practices use and trust ClientEd to save time, improve efficiency, and get things done, and why ClientEd helps practices accomplish more in less time.