Saving time means different things for busy veterinary practices: 

Some need a way to both reduce staff time on the phone and an easy way to provide veterinary-approved pet health content to clients to improve compliance. 

  • Other practices need a faster alternative to VIN or manually flipping through textbooks for veterinary medical information, plus a way to empower clients with self-serve tools to request appointments and pet food/medication refills. 
  • Other practices need other things that include money-saving options. 

To serve varied time-savings needs, we’ve bundled three of our industry-leading Practice Solutions to save time for veterinary practices, which naturally improves workflow efficiency and work-life balance. 

As an additional bonus, new customers save 10% on regular monthly pricing for the first year* when bundling the following: 

  • WebDVM Plus & Sofie 
  • ClientEd & Sofie 

*Setup fees not included. 

Here’s How WebDVM Plus and Sofie Work Together to Save Practices Time


WebDVM reduces staff time on the phone by empowering pet owners to take self-serve action through online conversion forms to request appointments, pet food/medication refills, and more with little administrative effort. Additionally, WebDVM Plus saves time for practices with onboard tools and features, including: 

  • ClientEd, veterinary-approved pet health content to both save time providing pet owners with client education information and improve compliance. 
  • Pet Insurance Info, a reliable, unbiased resource that saves time (and eliminates discomfort) answering pet owner questions. 

Sofie, your virtual DVM assistant, saves time and supports the best possible diagnosis and treatment for patients by providing lightning-fast access to over 40,000 pages of peer-reviewed, evidence-based reference materials from the top veterinary textbooks, journals, and conference proceedings. 

Together, the WebDVM Plus and Sofie bundle offers 360° time-savings and education for pet owners, practice staff, and veterinarians/practice owners. 

Here’s How ClientEd and Sofie Work Together to Save Practices Time


As previously mentioned, Sofie saves practices time as a faster alternative to VIN or manually flipping through textbooks for veterinary medical information. 

ClientEd, the veterinary industry’s largest online pet health education library, provides your entire veterinary team with easy access to over 2,100 handouts covering a wide range of pet health topics, all written in easy-to-understand language for pet owners. This saves time providing pet owners with client education information, strengthens your team’s roles as animal health educators, and helps improve compliance. 

Combined, Sofie and ClientEd provide broad time-savings different from the WebDVM Plus-Sofie bundle but equally effective. 

Determining the Right Bundle for Your Practice


Just like your veterinary team works in partnership with pet owners for the best pet health outcomes, we’re here to work collaboratively to help you determine the best bundle for your practice. 

To clarify: We’re not going to try to tell you what you need. You know your practice needs better than we do. We’re here to provide clear answers to your questions so you can make the best choice possible for your team, clients, and ultimately your patients. 

And we’re here to make things painless. Whatever bundle you choose, we do the setup work for you. So, implementation is easy. 

It all starts with a conversation. 

So, let’s chat. 

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