To protect pets against the risk of tapeworm, Lyme disease, and other flea- and tick-borne diseases, preventive care naturally becomes a top priority for veterinary practices during flea and tick season.

The challenge for practices: Convincing clients to follow through with preventive care is no simple feat. Though preventive care makes a difference in the lives of pets, research shows that pet owners often resist preventive care advice from veterinarians and don’t follow through due to lack of trust and fear of financial cost.

To help alleviate pet owner fear and mistrust, transparency and communication are key considerations to help boost preventive care success for your veterinary practice. If a pet owner truly understands the health risks facing their pet and the reason for preventive care recommendations, they are far more likely to follow through with preventive care.

Here’s how the industry leading client communication and retention software ALLYDVM helps practices boost preventive care compliance, save time, and improve workflow efficiency:

Appointment Identification for More Booking Opportunities


Life gets busy for pet owners, meaning they often rely on veterinary practices to remind them to book appointments (or follow-up appointments) related to preventive flea and tick care or otherwise. ALLYDVM simplifies this for practices by automatically identifying appointment opportunities and prompting your team to contact clients to book an appointment.

As a reflection of ALLYDVM’s efficiency at tracking and flagging appointment opportunities, one group of practices saw a 17% drop in missed appointments and $59,000 in additional revenue over nine months using ALLYDVM.

Designed to save veterinary teams time and improve workflow efficiency, ALLYDVM also automatically identifies missed contact or medical information.

Customizable Mass Communication Templates to Streamline Efficiency


ALLYDVM streamlines practice efficiency with mass communication templates. Customizable based on data from your practice software, ALLYDVM ensures you’re reaching the right people with the right information with as little administrative effort as possible.

To reach pet owners where they consume information, ALLYDVM’s mobile app can be branded to your practice and enables pet owners to quickly request preventive care appointments (or any appointments) at their convenience. Through the app, practices can send communications through email or text. Additionally, two-way texting (available as an add-on) empowers practices to communicate with clients they want to be communicated with, especially when it comes to coordinating real-time communications at curbside.

With unlimited deliveries and advanced filtering capabilities, ALLYDVM empowers veterinary practices to engage clients in preventive care and incentivize them to follow through.

Loyalty Program to Further Incentivize Compliance


ALLYDVM’s optional Loyalty Program easily integrates with the ALLYDVM practice management software and client-facing mobile app to help keep clients engaged and returning to your practice, which improves compliance with flea and tick preventive care.

Loyal clients earn Care Coins that can be redeemed for account credit, gift cards, or whatever rewards work best for your practice. You decide the value of the Care Coins, how often clients earn them, and what they can be used for. Clients have full visibility of their Care Coins balance and rewards, and this encourages clients to return to your clinic more often to earn more rewards.

Everything is automated and customizable. So, you don’t need to manually track receipts, scan any cards or codes. You simply let your clients know about your Loyalty Program and the rewards take care of themselves.

How easy is it to switch to ALLYDVM?


Cheryl Wimmers, Practice Manager at Tansley Woods Animal Hospital, explains, “It was a really easy switch,” adding, “ALLYDVM does everything I wish our other communication system did, and they do it very well.”

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