Veterinarians know how LifeLearn Sofie saves time. As the most advanced veterinary medical search tool on the market, used by thousands of veterinarians and vet students, LifeLearn Sofie uses IBM Watson Technology® to search its vast knowledge of over 40,000 pages from the top veterinary textbooks, journals, and conference proceedings and deliver lightning-fast clinical answers at the point of need.

Here’s how LifeLearn Sofie’s time-savings translate into real-dollar ROI for practices:


If we presume Sofie saves DVMs 10-15 min. per appointment rather than manually searching for veterinary medical information in textbooks, conference proceedings, and the Veterinary Information Network (VIN), the following calculations can be applied to show how Sofie can save practices thousands of dollars per year:


Return on Investment (ROI) = $5,850 – $8,775 per year

Sofie’s ROI includes improved workflow efficiency.


Experienced veterinarians may know how to find veterinary medical information quickly in textbooks, conference proceedings, and the Veterinary Information Network. Yet new veterinary associates may not know how to find information as quickly through the same sources, which reduces practice workflow efficiency.

For an apples-to-apples comparison between Sofie and VIN, click here for information based on survey and focus group research from veterinarians collected from an impartial third party.

Sofie’s speed in delivering veterinary medical information helps new veterinary associates get information quickly, which helps practice owners and managers maintain optimal workflow efficiency. For experienced veterinarians, Sofie also serves as a double check for textbooks and other information sources they know and use.

Sofie’s ease of use is what stands Sofie apart from competing veterinary medical search tools.


Users do not need to know specialized search terms or how to navigate subpages or unique pathways. Sofie is designed to respond to natural-language questions (just like veterinarians would ask a colleague) and delivers results based on context instead of keywords. This makes searching and finding answers even easier and quicker and serves accessibility.

In other words, to find what you need in Sofie, you simply ask Sofie, whether you need:

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