With practices being busier than ever, the question going forward for veterinary teams becomes, “How do I save time and improve operational efficiency to more effectively manage it all and reclaim lost work-life balance?” Indeed, with some health authorities predicting that it may not be until the end of 2021 before we all start to see some post-COVID normalcy, the issue of saving time and improving efficiency becomes a pressing one.

Everything we do at LifeLearn Animal Health is about making the lives of animal health professionals easier. To help practices save time (and money) and improve efficiency, we’re now offering the following limited-time offer:

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  1. WebDVM Plus & Pro Custom Veterinary Websites

Custom designed to tell your story and featuring industry leading pet health content and online self-serve resources, WebDVM solidifies your position as the go-to source of reliable pet owner information, increasing client engagement, improving pet owner compliance, and saving your team valuable time.

  1. ClientEd – Pet Health Education Resource for Pet Owners

ClientEd is a unique pet health education library with more than 2,100 pet health handouts. Expertly written and designed to strengthen the veterinary team’s role as animal health educators, ClientEd handouts encourage client compliance through easy-to-understand information.

  1. Sofie, Your Virtual DVM Assistant

Sofie saves veterinarians time by providing instant online access to the most current, trusted, and credible veterinary medical information at the point of need. Sofie uses IBM Watson Technology® to search its vast knowledge base of over 40,000 pages of peer-reviewed, evidence-based reference materials from the top veterinary textbooks, journals, and conference proceedings.

  1. Petriage Premium – The Complete Telehealth Solution

Petriage’s all-in-one platform enables veterinary practices to expand access to care while improving patient outcomes. Petriage’s Practice Management Software integration optimizes practice workflows freeing up valuable time and resources for busy veterinary teams.

  1. PetNurse – Live After-Hours Veterinary Telephone Triage Service

Things happen after hours. Working as an extension of your veterinary practice, PetNurse’s team of Registered Veterinary Nurses provide your clients with instant after-hours telephone triage support to deliver pet owners safe, appropriate, and timely assessments of their pets’ health.

Why are we making such a broad offer?

Saving time and improving efficiency mean different things to different practice team members:

  • Some veterinarians need a faster way to get advanced medical information at the point of need.
  • Some practices need an after-hours telehealth service to improve the work-life balance for their on-call staff.
  • Other practices need client education and communication solutions.

The challenge is that busy practices have little time to search different companies for different solutions to meet the whole of their practice needs.

LifeLearn’s suite of customizable online solutions save practices time searching because our solutions are all found in one place, and serve the full spectrum of practice needs by serving all three phases of the pet-owner journey: pre-appointment; in-clinic, virtual, or curbside; and post-appointment.

Further saving practices time, LifeLearn does the setup work for you, which makes implementation easy.

Get Started Today and Don’t Pay for *2 Months

This limited-time offer ends March 31st, 2021. No minimum commitment. *Standard cancellation policy applies.

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*Offer excludes setup fees and only applies to new monthly subscriptions. Offer begins from date of sale and excludes upgrades and downgrades to existing customer solution subscriptions. Customers cannot cancel and re-purchase an existing solution subscription to receive two months free.