Breweries, wine makers, and mixologists have long overlooked drinks specifically created for veterinary teams, and we feel that has been a big oversight—especially now. As people everywhere prepare to raise glasses of good riddance to 2020 and happily see it float away to a Viking burial, we feel that veterinary teams should be able to raise their own unique glasses of cheer that recognize the extraordinary hard work and dedication they showed this year in the face of a pandemic, and indeed show every day.

In honor of that, here are 7 drinks that we feel should exist for veterinary teams:

  1. Amber Ale: As laid back in taste as the Golden Retriever after which it was named, the flavor personality of Amber Ale says, “I love everyone,” just as you’ll love everyone after one refreshing glass. Perfect for holidays gatherings you normally dread.
  2. Red Weimaraner: Born of a royal pedigree, with a complex flavor profile that’s both fearless and friendly, Red Weimaraner turns any holiday humdrum into “Lets go do something!” Whether that something involves Zoom caroling with virtual friends or deciding it would be fun to barbecue in a blizzard, you’ll have to decide what your “something” is.
  3. Baileys Irish Wiener Dog: The holidays can seem short. Make every day a long and delicious experience with this exquisite treat that oddly pairs perfectly with sausages.
  4. Glenmoggie Single Maltese Whisky: The color may be blue and gray but your taste buds will shine silver and gold with this limited-edition single malt whisky with a bold but subtle taste with hints of nuts, flowers, and cats of no particular pedigree.
  5. Singapore Springer: Well-rounded and lively describe the flavor of this specialty cocktail that will flush out and retrieve flavor thrills you thought had long flown the coop.
  6. Bichon Breezer: Mischievous and merry in temperament, this sturdy and adorably fruity drink will have you happily exclaiming, “Wow! It’s like I just swallowed a fluffball!”
  7. Poodle Noir: Produced from some of the finest grapes from wherever they produce grapes, Poodle Noir has been described by wine reviewers as both dignified and playful, which means two things. Some wine reviewers were conservative in their samplings of this delicious wine, with hints of strawberries, cherries, raspberries, vanilla, and leashes. Others were obviously a bit more liberal in their “samplings.”

All the best of the season! (Please drink responsibly.)

Still need a few laughs? We get that. It’s been a rough year. Here you go: