Everything You Need to Know About Social Media

Cute animal videos and fun memes certainly get a lot of attention on social media, but that is not all social media is good for. It can also be a powerful tool for your personal brand. 78% of adults use social media, making it a great way to communicate. You may not have learned about social media in school, but it may be time to give it a try.

Why You Need Social Media

Your business needs social media for many reasons. Consumers today expect any business to have a professional online presence, and this includes social media channels. Social media can also help with branding, customer service, receiving feedback, and building goodwill.

How to Find Time

We know that you are incredibly busy. You already have so much on your plate, it may be hard to imagine having time for social media. The best way to find time for social media is to start small. Take quick photos during work hours to show what your day looks like! This can help you get started with social media while not taking too much time from your day.

We also recommend posting 2-3 times a week. If you have time to post more, please do, the more regularly you post the more often you will be seen by followers. But we understand the time constraints you are under, so posting 2-3 times a week can be enough to keep followers engaged and to minimize the load you take on.

Where to begin

The best place to start is by choosing the best platform for your business. We recommend Facebook for most businesses. In a single day, the average Facebook user visits 8 times and spends 30 minutes on the platform. Then be sure that your brand is well represented on the page by using accurate information, your logo, and photos of your staff, and building. Next, ask people to follow and like your page. You can ask in person, over email, or if you have one, you can ask with a sign in your front office if. After getting started, it is time to start thinking strategy.

Why You Need a Strategy

To be the most effective, you should have a social media strategy. First, social media posts should be in line with your overall business goals. Determine your business goal, and make sure your posts help you reach it. Next you need to ask who your audience is. It can be helpful to create personas for your audience to help you visualize them as you create content.

Once you have addressed your goals and audience, you can start to create Content.

How to Create Content

When you are creating content, you must ensure that your posts will engage your audience. Posts that invite conversation, share timely industry news, educate your target audience, boost your credibility, or have a clear call to action are the types of posts that can engage your audience.

Some things you can share to engage your audience are, stories about your business, educational infographics, social media contests, and special offers.

Additional Tips and Tricks

After all that, here are some tips and tricks that can make social media management a little easier.

  • Engage with followers: Take 5 minutes a day to reply to questions and like a few posts. This will show followers that you care and keep them engaged!
  • Use a social media scheduler: Using a social media scheduler can help you stay on top of posting regularly with as little effort as possible! Buffer, Zoho, or Hootsuite can be helpful with this.
  • Use graphic Design Templates: Using templates can ensure you have great designs with little effort. Canva, Pablo, or Stencil are great, user-friendly options!
  • Sign up for our newsletter: Signing up for our newsletter to stay up to date on topics that can help you market your business. You can also check out our other blogs around social media!

The more you post on social, the more opportunities you have to get in front of followers. But keeping up with social media strategy and management takes time. Time that you may not have (You are busy keeping pets alive after all). We have over 25 years of experience helping businesses like yours create relevant content for the animal health industry. We offer three different options to ensure you have on that works for you and ensures that your business connects with followers throughout the year, builds credibility, and stays top of mind.

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